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Discover the types of commercial renovation jobs we can support and our digital catalog for customized solutions.

Ferguson Facilities Supply specializes in providing time- and money-saving solutions for commercial property renovations. We’ll designate a single point of contact for your entire renovation portfolio who stays with you from job to job, regardless of where that job is located.

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A Ferguson associate shakes hands with a facilities manager next to a stack of boxes on a dolly to their right and a delivery truck parked in the background.

To help complete jobs on time and on budget, the Ferguson renovations team has supply solutions to help customers of all types, including:

Property management companiesSenior living facilities
Hospitality corporationsRenovation contractors

Solutions for every renovation project

Our associates have experience quoting a wide variety of renovation job types, allowing us to better anticipate our customers’ needs. Our quotation capabilities provide additional assurance that your jobs can be completed within a specified budget. The types of jobs we can quote include:

  • ADA updates

  • Bathroom remodels

  • Clubhouse and business center renovations

  • Common area renovations

  • Exterior Capex/ROI projects

  • Green changeouts

  • Kitchen remodels

  • Lighting projects

  • Mail station conversions

  • Occupied unit renovations

  • Plumbing conversions

  • Property improvement plan (PIP) renovations

  • Smart technology upgrades

  • Touchless plumbing/hardware conversion

Cover page of the Ferguson Renovation Inspiration digital catalog, showing a range of kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Get inspired

Explore our Renovation Inspiration catalog and see how we provide customized renovations supply solutions for any style, any budget and any project.

A stainless steel, single-handle pull-down kitchen faucet and sink are in focus in a white kitchen with an island and dining table in the background.

Products to fit

Complete your project with a variety of styles, finishes and replacement parts available through our reliable supply chain at competitive pricing.