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Kitchen Faucet and Sink Installation Kit Products

Shop Supplies to Tackle Kitchen Sink and Faucet Installation

Simplify your next kitchen sink and faucet installation by bundling your purchase of supplies for the job. Whether you’re swapping out an old kitchen sink and faucet or finishing a new kitchen, we’ve got your product needs covered. Browse kitchen sinks in a range of sizes and materials for every kitchen sink installation, and find the hole covers and basket strainers to go with them. Because no sink is complete without the right faucet, we carry a wide range of kitchen faucets to help you meet your customers’ demands.

In addition to our offering of finished plumbing supplies for the kitchen, we also carry a complete stock of tubing, draining and venting products. Stock up on pipe p-traps, trap adapters, branch tailpieces and air vents. Control water flow with supply lines and stop valves. Create a tight seal and prevent leaks with caulk, putty and pipe tape. Be prepared for the job by filling your toolbox with new tools. From pliers, screwdrivers and tube cutters to tape measurers, basin and adjustable wrenches, we are your source for quality tools. Protect your most important tool, your hands, with new work gloves. Find other accessories to help you on the job like flashlights, buckets and rags. Learn about the 7 Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Features, and other tips for trade professionals in the Ideas & Learning Center.