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How to Use Order Tracking

Learn how to access order details to view order tracking and delivery information.


Order Tracking allows you to track the progress of your orders for delivery or Pro Pick-Up.

With Order Tracking you can:

  • View the Order Tracking number related to your delivery or Pro Pick-Up order by viewing your order details.

  • Click the Tracking Shipment link to access tracking information that displays an estimated delivery time for Ferguson truck deliveries.

  • Experience the same Order Tracking details on all versions of (desktop, mobile and the Ferguson app).

Delivery Order in Transit

Locating Order Tracking

There are two ways to access Order Tracking:

  1. Click Orders under Account

Access Orders via the Account drop-down menu located at the top of the page. Next, select “Orders” to go to the Orders page.

  1. Click Orders on your Dashboard

From the Dashboard:

  • Select “Orders” from the left-hand navigation menu to go to the Orders page.

  • View orders placed within the last 7 days under the “My Orders” section located in the middle of the page.

Tracking Your Order

Order Tracking is available for order deliveries made by Ferguson trucks and Pro Pick-Up orders. You can track your orders across all versions of (desktop, mobile and the Ferguson app).

You can follow these steps to utilize Order Tracking:

Step 1: Access the order

Access the order that you wish to view order tracking information via the Orders page.

Step 2: Expand to see your order’s details

Click the blue arrow to expand the order to see the tracking shipment number.

Step 3: Click the Tracking Shipment Link

Click the “Track Shipment” link under the web order number to be taken directly to the Tracking Information page.

Step 4: The Tracking Information displays

The Tracking Information page displays and provides you with order delivery status and an estimated delivery time along with additional details on the location of your order. For Pro Pick-Up orders, once your order is picked up, a delivery receipt will display in Orders under View Order Details.

Delivery Order in Transit

Order Tracking Delivery Details

The Order Tracking Information screen is available for 12 months following the delivery. When you click the “Track Shipment” link from the Orders page, the Order Tracking Information page will display the delivery details.

The Order Tracking information screen displays the following order details.

  • Order Number – Displays the order number for the delivery.

  • Customer PO – Displays the customer PO number.

  • Job Name – Displays the job name.

  • Customer – Displays the customer’s name.

  • Delivery Address – Displays the delivery address on the order.

  • Delivery Date – Displays the date of the scheduled delivery.

  • Time Window – Displays an estimated time window for when the order will be delivered.

  • Stop Number – Displays the customer's stop number in the delivery route.

  • Order Items – Displays the items ordered along with quantity ordered and quantity delivered.

  • Delivery Team – Displays the Ferguson team member who is delivering the order. If available, a picture of the Ferguson team member displays.

  • Invoice – Displays invoice number.

Pro Pick-Up Details

You will receive an order confirmation via email and text, if you opt-in to receive text messaging, letting you know the scheduled date and time that your order will be ready for pickup.

Order Confirmation Email

Order Confirmation Text

Once the order is ready for pickup, an email and text notification are sent notifying you that your order is ready for pickup and includes a check-in link.

Order is Ready for Pickup Email

Order is Ready for Pickup Text

When you reach the pickup location, you click on the check-in link from the email or text message, and it will ask if you have arrived at the pickup location.

When you click “Yes,” you will be taken to a screen with more pickup order details and a drop down to select your pickup preference of “Curbside” or “In Store.” If you click “No,” the text will show your order details and ask you to check-in once you reach the pickup location.

Arrived at Pickup Location

Not Arrived at Pickup Location

If you choose “Curbside,” it will ask you for your parking slot, vehicle color and if you need help loading the product. If you choose “In Store,” it will simply ask if you need help loading the product.



Once you click “Submit” from either of the screens, you will receive a message from Ferguson letting you know our team will be with you shortly.

Once your order is picked up, a delivery receipt is sent via email to the email address provided.

Here are a few Pro Pick-Up details to be aware of that may vary from one location to another:

  • Pro Pick-Up orders can be placed on via the desktop, mobile or Ferguson app or with a phone call to your local Ferguson.

  • There are specific hours during which your order will qualify for Pro Pick-Up. The Pro Pick-Up ordering times vary by location, so please check those times at your desired location before placing your order.

  • When you arrive at the location, where you pick up your order will also vary by location, so please ask your sales associate to determine your pick-up location. Curbside pick-up is also available at some locations.

  • In addition to Pro Pick-Up, self-checkout is also an option in store at some Ferguson locations.

Proof of Delivery

After delivery or pickup of the order, you may access the final details of your delivery or Pro Pick-Up on or the Ferguson app. You can view or download Proof of Delivery on demand from the Order Detail page.

Proof of Delivery is available for any order delivered on a Ferguson truck or any Pro Pick-Up order signed for on the branch signature pad.

The Delivery Receipt reflects the exact delivery date and list of material received and remains active online for 12 months.