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How to Use Pro Pick-Up

Learn how easy it is to buy online, choose Pro Pick-Up or delivery and the payment option that works best for you.


Order ahead and pick up in store to get the products you need faster and have your online order waiting for you with the convenience of Pro Pick-Up. If you have a commercial credit account with Ferguson, you can take advantage of Pro Pick-Up to help save time and money in addition to choosing standard order delivery. Ferguson puts you in control by giving you multiple delivery and pick-up options that best fit your needs.

You can select Pro Pick-Up right in your shopping cart during the checkout process. Simply order ahead online, select Pro Pick-Up in your shopping cart during checkout and your order is ready when you arrive. Pro Pick-Up helps you get what you need so you can get the job done.

Locating Pro Pick-Up

There are two convenient options to place an order for Pro Pick-Up in store.

1. Online at

When placing your order online, locate the Pro Pick-Up option for your order pick-up in the Order Summary box before selecting Checkout.

2. By phone

You can also place your order over the phone at your local Ferguson and simply let them know you want to pick up your order. To find the phone number for your store, access your Dashboard under Account and scroll down to My Store for the address and phone number of your local store.

When your order is ready, go to the location where you placed your order and pick it up at the designated pick-up area.

Selecting Pro Pick-Up

Pro Pick-Up is located in the Order Summary of your Shopping Cart.

Pro Pick-Up

Select “Pro Pick-Up” for those orders you wish to pick up at a Ferguson location. There are specific hours during which your order will qualify for Pro Pick-Up, so please check with your sales associate for more details.

Selecting Pro Pick-Up in your Shopping Cart

Select “Pro Pick-Up” in the Order Summary box of the Shopping Cart to see the store location where you will pick up your order. Once Pro Pick-Up is selected, click “Checkout” to begin the checkout process.

If you want to place a Pro Pick-Up order at another location, you may change the “Selected Store” location at the top of the Shopping Cart or Checkout page.


On the Checkout page, the “Pick Up From” box confirms the Pro Pick-Up selection you entered in the shopping cart as well as the pick-up address and the date by which you need to pick up your order.

Pro Pick-Up

You can click “View Store Info” to see the location address, phone and hours of operation. You can also change the “Needed By” date by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the current date. If you want to change your Pro Pick-Up location, click “Change” in the upper right corner of the Pick Up From box.

The “Pick Up From” window will expand and allow you to edit the following:

  • Store Location – Use the arrow to open the dropdown menu and select the store location for the Pro Pick-Up. You can also click “View Store Info” for an address and hours of operation for the location.

  • Date Needed – Click the dropdown arrow next to the date needed to change your date.

  • Add Contact Phone – Click “Add Contact Phone” to add a contact phone number.

  • Add Instructions – Click “Add Instructions” to add instructions/notes to your Pro Pick-Up order.

  • Pickup Complete – Check the “Pickup Complete” box if you want to pick up the order once all products are available.

Once all changes are complete, select the “Use This Pickup” button to confirm your pick-up details or “Cancel” to cancel your changes.

Pro Pick-Up Details

You will receive an order confirmation via email and text, if you opt-in to receive text messaging, letting you know the scheduled date and time that your order will be ready for pickup.

Order Confirmation Email

Order Confirmation Text

Once the order is ready for pickup, an email and text notification are sent notifying you that your order is ready for pickup and includes a check-in link.

Order is Ready for Pickup Email

Order is Ready for Pickup Text

When you click “Yes,” you will be taken to a screen with more pickup order details and a drop down to select your pickup preference of “Curbside” or “In Store.” If you click “No,” the text will show your order details and ask you to check-in once you reach the pickup location.

Arrived at Pickup Location

Not Arrived at Pickup Location

If you choose “Curbside,” it will ask you for your parking slot, vehicle color and if you need help loading the product. If you choose “In Store,” it will simply ask if you need help loading the product.



Once you click “Submit” from either of the screens, you will receive a message from Ferguson letting you know our team will be with you shortly.

Once your order is picked up, a delivery receipt is sent via email to the email address provided.

Here are a few Pro Pick-Up details to be aware of that may vary from one location to another:

  • Pro Pick-Up orders can be placed on via the desktop, mobile or Ferguson app or with a phone call to your local Ferguson.

  • There are specific hours during which your order will qualify for Pro Pick-Up. The Pro Pick-Up ordering times vary by location, so please check those times at your desired location before placing your order.

  • When you arrive at the location, where you pick up your order will also vary by location, so please ask your sales associate to determine your pick-up location. Curbside pick-up is also available at some locations.

  • In addition to Pro Pick-Up, self-checkout is also an option in store at some Ferguson locations.