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How to Use Ferguson PunchOut

Learn how easy it is to shop, create a cart, and place orders in Ferguson PunchOut.

Ferguson PunchOut Overview

The Ferguson PunchOut solution allows you to securely access a custom catalog from your procurement system. You can shop and easily create requisitions to streamline your purchasing process, drive compliance, and control spend.

Here is how it works:

Requesting Ferguson PunchOut

Ferguson can customize a free PunchOut catalog solution for your business to optimize your procurement process. Email Technology Solutions at to get the process started.

Ferguson PunchOut offers many benefits to your business including:

  • Streamlines your inventory procurement process by letting you electronically submit orders.

  • Reduces entry errors to save your company time and money.

  • Provides real-time order entry by allowing you to shop and fill a cart, which is then sent electronically and instantly to your purchasing application.

  • Updates to your PunchOut catalog occur automatically so you do not have to maintain it in your own system.

Locating Ferguson PunchOut

Access your Ferguson PunchOut catalog by clicking on the Ferguson link or icon in your purchasing software. Doing so will authenticate you into your customized product catalog where you can shop for items you would like to purchase.

There are navigation options located at the top of the page which include:

  • Quick Order

  • Quotes

  • My Lists

  • Message Center

  • Find a Location

  • Customer Service

Finding Products

There are multiple ways of finding products on the Ferguson PunchOut site: from the Search bar at the top or navigating through the Category or Brand sections on the left side.

Search Bar

You can type in search criteria (ex. product description, part number, etc.) in the Search bar and click the magnifying glass or press Enter on your keyboard. Results that match your search criteria are displayed under the Search bar as suggestions, products and categories. Once you locate the product you can click on that product and view product details such as installation instructions and availability at distribution centers. You can also add the product to the Cart or add it to My Lists.

Category Section

You can click an item in the desired Category to view a list of products within the selected category. There is a number in parenthesis listed beside each category. This number represents the number of items for that category. Please note that this is only the number of items available to you in your customized catalog and does not represent all the available products Ferguson has to offer.

Brand Section

You can click an item in the desired Brand to view a list of products within the selected brand. There is a number in parentheses listed beside each brand. This number represents the number of items within the brand available to you in your customized catalog. It does not represent all the available products Ferguson has to offer.

Adding Products to Your Product Catalog

If you are unable to find a product or need to have a group of products added to your product catalog, simply contact your Ferguson sales associate.

Ordering on Ferguson PunchOut

Ordering on the Ferguson PunchOut site is easy. You can locate products, view product details and add products to your cart in a variety of ways. When you check out, your cart is transferred to your procurement system so the order can be approved and processed.

Product Details

Once you have located and clicked on a product you will see product details, including:

  • Fast Number (which is your part number for the product, if applicable)

  • If your company has their own codes loaded for the product, you will see “Fast #” on the product detail page.

Check Availability

Click “Check Availability” to check the In-Store and Distribution Center availability for the product.

Purchase History

If you purchased an item previously, you will see a box located above the product description indicating when you last purchased this item and the date purchased.

Specs/Installation Instructions

Within the Product Details you will find links to available documents for the product that include specification documents, installation guides and more.

Add to Cart / Add to My Lists

When viewing the product details, you can choose to click “Add to Cart” to add the item to your shopping cart, or “Add to My Lists” to save the product in a My List for easy reference directly from the product detail page.

Adding to Cart

Once you’ve located the product you need, you can click “Add to Cart” to add the product to your shopping cart and either continue shopping for additional items or check out from the shopping cart page.


From the shopping cart, simply click “Transfer Cart” to send the items in your cart back to your procurement system as a requisition. Once the order is approved and a PO is submitted to Ferguson, the order is processed.

There are other ways to place orders using Ferguson PunchOut that you can explore in the “Features on Ferguson PunchOut” tab.

Features on Ferguson PunchOut

There are other ways to place orders through PunchOut using the tools below.

Quick Order

Quick Order allows you to enter item numbers and order quantities into the open field and adds them directly to the cart for fast checkout. Products and quantities can be keyed in manually or copy/pasted from a spreadsheet using one of the designated formats shown.

For additional information on the use of Quick Order, view the Quick Tools tutorial for details.


The Quote Center allows you to view any quotes that your Ferguson associate has made viewable to you and are in the “Ready to Order” status.

For additional information on the use of Quotes, view the Quotes tutorial for details.

My Lists

My Lists is a tool that helps you organize your most purchased products to help you save time. Use My Lists to create orders with a few clicks instead of individually searching for the products you purchase regularly. You can choose to add individual products to your cart or add an entire list to your cart.

For additional information on the use of My Lists, view the My Lists tutorial for details.

Additional Features

Message Center

Message Center gives you access to a variety of messages regarding your account activity.

Find a Location

Find a Location helps you find your nearest Ferguson location using a zip code or city/state and other criteria.

Customer Service

Customer Service provides you with tools to make the most of your online experience and provides contact information for our customer service team if you have questions or need support.