Discover new ways to go green with our selection of articles featuring eco-friendly tips and tricks for trade professionals and homeowners alike. Read how the benefits of living and working green can extend beyond saving natural resources and conserving energy by also helping you put a little green back in your wallet.

Why your business carbon footprint matters


Read our carbon footprint guide to see how your business impacts both the environment and your bottom line. Discover guidelines for calculating your carbon footprint, and explore reasons why you should care about your business's carbon footprint.

Why low-flow toilets benefit contractors


Choosing to install low-flow and high-performance toilets on the job benefits contractors in addition to saving money and resources for customers. Discover how making the switch to low-flow toilets pays off for you as a professional.

How to increase HVAC energy efficiency using ceiling fans


When the mercury starts rising, so can the cost to run your facility's air conditioning system. Discover how installing ceiling fans to complement your HVAC system will help your building occupants stay cool while keeping energy expenses low in hot weather.

Water heater ENERGY STAR ratings explained


Heating water is the second highest residential utility cost. Help your customers save money by guiding them to select a water heater with an ENERGY STAR Label. Learn how water heaters become qualified for this program and see how they cut energy use.

Top 5 benefits you need to know about LED lighting


Lighting technology has come a long way in terms of energy efficiency, especially with the advancements made in LED light bulbs. Read about the energy-saving benefits of LEDs and see why you should switch to the lighting technology of the future.

Guide to MaP Toilet Testing for Low Flow Toilets


Understanding MaP testing can benefit both trade pros and their customers alike in the toilet buying process. Use our guide to MaP testing to help your customers select toilets that offer superior energy efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Top 8 reasons to switch your facility to LEDs


The light bulbs and light fixtures your facility uses can make all the difference in terms of operating expenses. Get the facts about LEDs and see how switching to LED lighting in your facility will help you save time, labor and your bottom line.

What is LEED


LEED is a trade industry term that you've likely heard of, but you might not know what it entails. Discover the fundamentals of LEED certification and accreditation, and learn about the money and resource-saving benefits of this green building program.

Benefits of LEED accreditation for general contractors


Building green is not the only way to help protect the environment, but can also be beneficial for your general contracting business's. Discover how earning your LEED accreditation can increase your business' marketability and attract more customers.

The true cost benefits of a sustainable business


When it comes to purchasing facility maintenance supplies, opting for green products provides more than just environmental savings. Buying green products will also save money. Discover the cost benefits of sustainability and see how it pays to go green.

Best Green Cleaning Products for Your Facility


Going green with your cleaning chemicals can reduce your facility’s environmental impact, cut down on waste and save on operating costs. Learn what to look out for when implementing cleaning products to keep your facility green and clean. 

Top 5 benefits of tankless water heaters


It's known that tankless water heaters can save utility costs when used residentially, but they provide a number of other benefits. See how choosing tankless water heaters can be advantageous in a variety of commercial and residential applications alike.