How to choose the best hydrotherapy tub

Throughout history, people from all walks of life have found relief in the curative delights of hydrotherapy. From bathhouses in ancient Rome to modern-day spas, the joys of bathing have withstood the test of time. With physical and mental benefits such as increased relaxation, improved skin clarity and detoxification, hydrotherapy bathing offers many positive effects on the body. Modern technology lends significant enhancements to the way we bathe, which allows you to enjoy a therapeutic bath in the comfort of your own home. Discover the different kinds of hydrotherapy tubs that best fits your lifestyle and visit FergusonShowrooms.com to shop an expansive selection of tubs.

Air Tubs

  • Release thousands of tiny, relaxing bubbles throughout the tub.

  • Envelope the body in a champagne-like fizz that gently caress the skin.

  • Stimulate and invigorate touch receptors to mildly release tension.

  • Appeal to multiple senses by including a blend of aromatherapy bath oils.

  • Optimize your bathing experience by implementing a tub cleaning system.*


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Whirlpool Tubs

  • Move water with increased pressure and feature strategically located air jets.

  • Soothe muscles instantly through a stronger deep tissue massage.

  • Create a customized bathing experience with adjustable jets to fit your body.

  • Maintain a comfortable bath water temperature when used with an inline heater.

  • Should be used in conjunction with a tub cleaning system to enjoy aromatherapy bath oils.*


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Total Massage Tubs

  • Blend the technology of air tubs and whirlpools baths to create a symphony of fizzy bubbles and pressurized water.

  • Provide ultimate relaxation through the combined sensations of soft effervescence and targeted massage.

  • Ensure a comfortable water temperature for the duration of your bath when used with an inline water heater.

  • Delight your body and mind by incorporating any combination of aromatherapy oils in your bath.*

  • Offers an enjoyable bath every time with the use of a tub cleaning system.*


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*Tub cleaning and tub use instructions vary by manufacturer. Check your tub’s specifications prior to use.


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