How to Shop for Toilets

Bathroom toilet shopping tips

There are surprisingly many things to consider when buying a new toilet. Do you want a comfort height toilet? Do you want an elongated bowl? Do you want a floor mounted toilet? Examine these options before you shop to help narrow your selection and find the best toilet for your bathroom.

What to consider when toilet shopping:

  • Rough-in size: A rough-in is the distance from the wall to the center of the hole on which the toilet is mounted. A rough-in can be 10,” 12” or 14.” Be certain and measure your rough-in prior to purchasing your new toilet to avoid complications.
  • Toilet type: Toilets come in one or two pieces. One-piece toilets are made for easy cleaning, while two-piece toilets fit in a traditional bathroom.
  • Bowl shape: Toilet bowls can either be round or elongated. Elongated bowls offer modern style, while round bowls are great space-savers.
  • Toilet height: Toilets are available in either standard height or comfort height. A standard height toilet is a lower bowl, and a comfort height toilet is standard chair height.
  • Flush system: A single flush system features a larger trapway, which can reduce or eliminate clogging issues. A dual flush system offers full and half-water flushing, which makes the toilet water efficient.

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How to Shop for Toilets