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The best outdoor lighting for porches & entryways

Melissa Paniagua, a Ferguson Website Content Coordinator

by Melissa Paniagua


Having proper outdoor lighting can make your home safer and welcoming while also boost your curb appeal. From pendants to lanterns and sconces, take a look at the options below to learn how to select the best outdoor porch lighting to fit your home.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Wall lighting, like sconces and lanterns, can help enhance your home’s entrance by providing indirect lighting. Consider installing a single wall lantern on the front of the house to help illuminate the street address. For extra lighting, try dimmable or motion-sensor wall sconces in pairs on either side of the patio door or exterior windows.

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Outdoor Hanging Lighting

Hanging lighting like pendants can help illuminate the front door and elevate the look of your porch. Not only do they add a design element, but hanging lighting can also help as task lighting. With so much style variety, you’ll be able to add a dose of charm to your outdoor living space or front entry.

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Outdoor Ceiling Lighting

Also known as outdoor flush mount fixtures, outdoor ceiling lights work well in entryways, porches and overhangs. They are usually hung above a door or patio dining table and come in many modern and traditional designs to offer a dramatic look. When choosing a style, opt for a look that complements the style of your home’s facade and your existing door hardware.

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Lanterns and Torches

To add flair to your porch, choose lanterns and torches. When selecting lanterns for your exterior lighting, take into consideration the scale, mounting and bulb type. Typically, you’d want to choose a lantern that is one-fourth the size of your entrance door. If you’re using a single lantern, or if you want to make a big impact with your lighting choice, bump the size up to one-third the height of the door.

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The Ferguson Difference

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Melissa Paniagua, a Ferguson Website Content Coordinator

Melissa Paniagua

Melissa's mission is to empower Ferguson customers in finding the resources they need to expand their knowledge through her writing. She has intensive experience in the creation of relevant industry content and aims to offer you meaningful insight and inspiration to help you better complete your next project.