Layered kitchen lighting ideas

Bring warmth to the heart of your home, your kitchen

As your kitchen is the heart of your home, it should exude warmth, which can be achieved by having the right lighting fixtures installed in the right places. Warm ambient lighting in the kitchen happens when light fixtures are strategically combined as opposed to installing just one basic overhead light. Play with the concept of lighting in layers and at different levels to create the best lighting for your kitchen.

Creative concepts for kitchen lighting

  • Track lighting – Track lights work to visually draw the eye out farther, which makes your space appear larger. This makes track lighting one of the most versatile lighting solutions available. Install track lights across a row of cabinets to highlight detail, or hang above your kitchen bar to make this area inviting for guests.
  • Cabinet lighting – Often neglected as a space to light, cabinet lighting actually provides the best soft lighting for your kitchen. Take advantage of glass panel cabinet doors by installing eco-friendly LED lights to make your cabinets glow from the inside out. For regular wood panel cabinets, install small lighting underneath to accentuate your countertops, or on top to draw the eye upwards.
  • Oven lighting – Your oven needs to be well-lit for practical reasons, but also consider how oven lighting can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen. Look for a range hood with different light settings so you can adjust and customize the amount of light you need depending on the situation.
  • Lighted pot racks – Nothing serves as a better focal point for a kitchen than a lighted pot rack. Hang above a kitchen island or main counter to amplify your style and accent your kitchen. Available in traditional to modern styles, you’ll be sure to find a lighted pot rack that coordinates with your other kitchen fixtures.

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Bring warth to the heart of your home, your kitchen

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