A commercial ADA-compliant single-user restroom, with grab bars, automatic soap and paper towel dispenser, and touchless faucet.
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Four benefits of touchless plumbing fixtures

Touchless fixtures for bathrooms have been available for decades, but an increased focus on hygiene and viruses has renewed demand in both commercial and residential buildings. Hands-free faucets are almost standard in public spaces now, for good reason: According to a national survey, almost three-quarters of Americans report they’re more likely to return to a business with touchless restroom fixtures.

Making the switch to touchless plumbing fixtures is a big decision, so it makes sense to weigh the pros and cons for your situation. If you’re still debating taking the plunge in your business, due to cost or other concerns, explore how the benefits of touchless faucets could help you grow your business.

1. Touchless restroom fixtures are more hygienic.

Throughout the day, our hands carry lots of bacteria that can cause illness, and a trip to the bathroom can make it worse. Touchless plumbing fixtures and faucets prevent germs from gathering on handles and dispensers.

Germs don’t just come from plumbing surfaces, though. One drawback of all types of plumbing fixtures is that water sometimes sits stagnant in the lines, and certain bacteria could flourish.

Smart faucets can often be programmed to automatically flush out the old water and bring in fresh on a determined schedule without someone having to do it manually. This can help keep your guests, customers and workers healthy while you save on labor costs.

2. Touchless fixtures create a positive impression of your business.

Related to the hygiene point above, people just feel better after using automatic faucets.

According to the national survey mentioned above, consumers have strong opinions about whether businesses have automatic faucets or not. Around 84% of customers think public restrooms having touchless fixtures is important, and more than half hold a negative perception of businesses without them.

These positive associations after a restroom break can carry through to the rest of their interactions with your business. Customers may feel your business is modern and updated. Guests and workers return from breaks feeling refreshed.

3. Automatic faucets save water and energy.

Touchless plumbing fixtures do need electricity while manual faucets do not, which may be one obstacle holding businesses back from upgrading. But the amount of energy used for sensors and solenoid valves is low, and these typically have a lifespan of years.

The water savings with an automatic bathroom faucet are clear. When people have to touch handles in public bathrooms to wash their hands, they’ll usually keep the water running for the entire scrub time. Some may not turn it off at all.

With a timer, water can run for just 10 to 15 seconds at a time, limiting waste when no one is using the tap. By using an aerator, water usage can be reduced even more. Those savings add up over the months and years.

In addition, automatic faucets allow you to set a consistent temperature, helping you save on the electricity used to constantly replace extra-hot water.

4. An automatic bathroom faucet takes less time to clean.

There are labor cost savings with touchless plumbing fixtures as well. Faucets and sinks will still need to be disinfected and sanitized, and sensors must be clear. This takes much less time than scrubbing oils, fingerprints and calcium buildup off intricate handles and tiny parts. These cost savings add up over time and allow workers to move more quickly through tasks.

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Is installing touchless fixtures worth the cost?

You know your business, and labor costs in your location, best. If your restrooms are due for an upgrade, look into the cost of simply replacing traditional faucets and toilets compared to switching to touchless plumbing fixtures.

The cost to switch may be just 30% more than replacement. While customer and employee satisfaction can be harder to measure, you might see increased return visits or bigger purchases with people who enjoy visiting your store or facility, and saved labor costs and increased productivity with workers.

Ferguson can help with touchless plumbing fixtures

If you’re considering switching to automatic faucets and fixtures in your business, talk to Ferguson about the pros and cons. Our knowledgeable associates can discuss options and costs to help you modernize your business and save on energy costs.

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