A plumber installs a gas water heater in a residential garage.
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How to install a water heater tank booster

Tank booster installation can be a great way to help your customers save on utility bills, boosting your value at the same time. And for professional plumbers, they’re relatively easy to install.

Discover the steps to install a water heater tank booster and how it will grow your business.

Why install a water heater tank booster?

Water heater tank boosters provide a number of benefits for professional plumbers and their customers alike. Installing a tank booster on an existing tank type water heater is an easy way to optimize a unit’s energy efficiency by increasing the tank’s capacity by up to 150% depending on the type of water heater.

This can help you boost your business because your customers will appreciate the savings reflected in their monthly energy bills.

Read the steps below to gain a fundamental understanding of how simple it can be to add this accessory to a water heater.*

Steps for tank booster installation

While installation details vary among manufacturers, there are five main steps to install a water heater tank booster.

1. Prepare

Prepare the water heater for tank booster installation. Shut off the water supply, drain the pipes and prep the supply lines. Check the water heater manufacturer specifications to properly turn on and off the water heater unit.

2. Attach

Attach the cold water supply valve to the cold water inlet and the hot water supply valve to the hot water outlet.

3. Install

Install the appropriate connector to allow cold water to flow to the hot water mixing valve.

4. Reconnect

Reconnect all of the supply lines to the water heater according to manufacturer specifications.

5. Set

When all of the water heater components are properly reconnected, turn the water back on and allow the tank to fill up. Then set the water heater temperature to 140°F and the tank booster thermostat to the desired temperature.

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*Please note that installation requirements vary from brand to brand and from water heater to water heater. This information is not comprehensive to the installation process, which is recommended to be performed by qualified plumbing professionals only.