Commercial project timeline solutions

From takeoff to turnover, trust Ferguson to provide you with reliable, time-saving solutions for every step of the commercial construction process. As an industry-leading business with a history that spans over half of a century, you can depend on our seasoned associates to serve as your business partner with cost-reducing services and convenient access to quality products. No matter the scale or scope of your next commercial contracting job, Ferguson has steadfast solutions to help you throughout the commercial project timeline.


When the architectural specifications and the blueprints for a project are being created during the design phase, Ferguson provides assistance through our engineered product capabilities. Our associates work with engineers, architects and design teams to create customized products to fit job specs of every kind. Our engineered product services include:


  • Pipe fabrication - Our pipe fabrication specialists will review your job specs to help you find the right PP-R or PP-RCT solution for a variety of mechanical systems.
  • Hydronics solutions - We will help you design and implement an industrial-grade hydronics system to meet your project requirements through our expansive offering of hydronics equipment and supplies.
  • Fabricated fire protection - With 36 fabrication facilities located across the country, Ferguson Fire & Fabrication provides complete fire protection system solutions.



Once the specs are created and approved, Ferguson helps project managers and estimation professionals bid the job. Our associates have an unwavering dedication to customers throughout the bidding process no matter how long it takes. See how we can help you win your bids so that you can grow your professional contracting business.


  • Bid Day - As a part of the Ferguson partnership, our sales teams are ready to work with your team in the trenches to make sure that your bid wins. Consider our team an extension of your team.
  • Quotation Services - Build accurate bids for potential commercial contracting projects with help from Ferguson. When you generate your takeoff and send us your RFP, we will review it with the job specs to make sure that all items are included in your bid. Save your bottom line by allowing us to give you the assurance that the price you quote your customers for material is the price you’ll pay.
    • National quotation capabilities - Our centralized quotation team serves contractors who operate regionally and nationally by providing location-specific pricing. Quotes are generated in a standardized format, so the product and pricing details are clear and easy-to-read every time.
    • Commodity product pricing - Estimators can get pricing automatically for rough commodity products through Ferguson’s Commodity Net Pricing Service. We can send you updated price lists for rough commodity items that you can upload to your organization’s estimation software to help you save time.


Bid award

When professional contractors win a bid, Ferguson helps procurement professionals and project managers complete their work on-time and on-budget. We will work to make your projects run smoothly and efficiently to help you meet the expectations of your customers. From project kickoff to completion, see how you will save time and money on the job with these Ferguson solutions:


  • Delivery & logistics - Project managers know that if their crew is waiting on material, they’re losing time and money. Our network of Ferguson Counters, distribution centers and delivery trucks combined with our expansive product inventory and alignment with reputable vendors means you’ll have the products you need, where and when you need them.
  • Pipe cutting & end preparation - When you need stainless steel, carbon steel and copper pipe cut to job specs, Ferguson can help. In addition to being the industry-leading supplier of pipe, we can cut, thread, groove and bevel the pipe you need to get the job done. We can also stage your fabricated pipe order for crane pick to minimize labor costs on the job.
  • Pipe fusion solutions - Finish the job faster with help from our pipe fusion specialists. We will help you pick the right HDPE, PP-R or PP-RCT pipe solution for a variety of mechanical and plumbing applications. You can even rent the fusion machine from us to save your budget and qualify your team to fuse the piping system through our fusion machine training program.
  • Online solutions - Procurement professionals save time ordering the products and material required for a project through our online solutions. For organizations that use electronic purchasing software, we will customize an eProcurement Solution to order placement a seamless process from your system to ours. Procurement professionals also benefit from by being able to check stock and place orders in a few clicks.


Project completion

When the work is done and the finished commercial construction project is ready for turnover to your customer, we have the solutions to maintain the facility. Ferguson Facilities Supply & Maintenance is dedicated to helping customers with every aspect of facility upkeep.



Contact Ferguson to get expert service from start to finish for your next commercial contracting project.

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