Geosynthetic products

Erosion and sedimentation are a constant battle on civil construction projects. America’s aging infrastructure has an ever-increasing backlog of rehabilitation needs. At Ferguson Waterworks, we take pride in providing expert assistance across a variety of engineered and construction solutions. We offer expert assistance and a full line of geotextiles, geogrids, erosion control products, stormwater management and treatment solutions to help contractors meet these challenges.

Discover our complete line of geosynthetic products and see how we will help you safely and properly complete your next stormwater and erosion control project.

Erosion and sediment control
Manage slope stability and limit erosion with our extensive product offerings.
Geocells and porous pavements
Find products that are both eco-friendly and strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.
Membranes and liners
Control the placement of water, earth and other elements with durable organic and synthetic liners.
Retaining walls
Maximize land use with our selection of rugged retaining walls and retaining wall products.
Road construction
Enhance roadway performance and ensure longevity of use with stabilizing roadway applications.
Stormwater, drainage and NPDES materials
Maintain water quality and comply with government regulations by implementing stormwater BMPs and drainage materials.

Erosion and sediment control products

Erosion and sediment control can be accomplished through a variety of different methods. Ferguson Waterworks offers a wide range of erosion and sediment control products and BMPs to help you solve your toughest erosion challenges.

Erosion control and veneer stability:
  • Erosion control blankets (ECB)
  • Sprayed erosion control (hydromulch)
  • High-performance turf reinforcement mats (HP-TRM)
  • Natural and synthetic wraps (vegetated and unvegetated)
  • Coir logs
  • Envirolok (vegetated bag wall system)
Sediment control:
  • Silt fencing
  • Straw wattles
  • Rock bags
  • Check dams and diversion products
  • Dewatering bags
  • Polymers
Slope stability:
  • Geotextiles
  • Geogrids
  • Soil anchors
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Geocells and porous pavement

Find slope management materials that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing with our offering of geocells and porous pavement materials. Learn about the advantages of both to help you choose the best one for your application.

Geocell features:
  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to install
  • Steep slope surfaces are anchored to ensure stability
  • Does not crack, decay or sag when properly installed
Porous pavement benefits:
  • Reduces the footprint of non-porous areas
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Can be used ornamentally
  • Excellent for architectural hardscapes
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Membranes and liners

There are several membrane and liner products on the market that can be used for various applications, but membranes and liners all share one simple feature: they provide a barrier to prevent the crossing of elements.

We offer the most commonly used membranes and liners in the industry:
  • Geosynthetic clay liners (GCL)
  • Specialty geotextiles and geocomposites
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Retaining walls

Maximize land use and minimize construction resources with our full range of retaining wall products and solutions.

We offer these quality retaining wall materials:
  • Gabions
  • Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE)
  • Uniaxial geogrids with segmented concrete blocks
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Road construction

The two leading causes of pavement and roadway failure in the United States are improper drainage and the contamination of aggregated base resulting in loss of strength.

We offer geotextiles that enhance roadway performance in four ways:
  • Separation
  • Stabilization
  • Reinforcement
  • Drainage
Find a complete line of Mirafi RSi-Series and H2Ri high-strength woven geotextiles and Tensar biaxial and triaxial and geogrids to address the needs of your project. We offer:
  • Asphalt overlays
  • Inlet protection
  • Porous pavements
  • Road drainage
  • Substrate separation and stabilization
  • Unpaved roadways
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Stormwater and drainage compliance products

Cities and municipalities are required to establish a set of best management practices that address stormwater drainage requirements as outlined by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program. We provide a variety of products to help you stay within compliance of local and federal regulations and improve water quality. We are your source for:

  • Silt fencing
  • Drainage systems
  • Manufactured treatment devices
  • Retention/detention systems
  • Dewatering and silt control systems
We provide value engineered solutions such as:
  • Lake embankments
  • Turbidity reduction/reduction in NTU levels
  • Emergency flood mitigation
  • Building up/leveling roads
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What makes Ferguson Waterworks different

Our highly trained and knowledgeable associates will help you find the right materials to complete any project the right way with our expansive offering of geosynthetic products. Partner with Ferguson for the geosynthetics and geotextiles you need to ensure public safety and prevent erosion and drainage problems before they happen.

For access to a full range of geosynthetic products and solutions, trust Ferguson Waterworks to have the quality materials you need backed by service from experienced associates. From erosion and sediment control to road construction and drainage, we are your nationwide source of quality geotextiles from top manufacturers. Discover our complete line of geosynthetic products to help safely and properly complete every project.

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Geosynthetic product lines and vendors

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