Vehicles travel on a bridge over a splashing river. Buildings and homes are on either side of the bridge.

Strategic infrastructure

An illustrated graphic with a train running through the middle of town, with Ferguson buildings and warehouses on the right and water treatment plants and homes on the left.

With the industry’s largest dedicated team of certified design-build professionals, Ferguson is the top choice for infrastructure projects. We provide unparalleled service, world-class capabilities and unrivaled access to the products that construction and water professionals across the country count on every day.

From pre-project estimates and bids to post-project support, Ferguson stands ready to help you get the job done. Our seasoned associates, many of whom have worked in the industry for more than two decades, bring their experience to every step of your project. And our DBIA-certified associates work with your team to provide detailed, fully digital take-offs, BIM modeling and CAD drawings, dedicated project management, budget support, risk evaluation and more for tailored, project-specific solutions.

Partner with Ferguson for a range of strategic infrastructure projects, including public works construction, water treatment plants, Department of Transportation, roads and highways, dams, desalination, hydropower and megaprojects.