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Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Training

The Ferguson VRF Division delivers a premium level of service through our offering of comprehensive variable refrigerant flow training. Our factory authorized team of instructors stay current on the latest technologies to bring you best-in-class VRF education.

Through Ferguson VRF training, contractors can earn certifications to install and service select VRF equipment from leading manufacturers.* This allows you to save time and money by installing VRF systems independently instead of having to hire a third-party VRF contractor. Discover the benefits of VRF training through Ferguson and learn about our regional training capabilities.

VRF training benefits

An HVAC technician works on a Fujitsu control board.

Trade professionals across the HVAC, building and commercial/mechanical industries can take advantage of the numerous benefits of VRF system training from Ferguson. By enrolling in one of our regional VRF training programs, you can:

  • Gain technical knowledge of highly complex VRF system components

  • Receive training that is tailored to help you meet the demands of your VRF project

  • Participate in hands-on training and education from factory authorized training associates

  • Learn how to lay out, install and service VRF systems to ensure quality work for your customers

  • Expedite deadlines by not having to wait on a factory representative to install select VRF systems

Additionally, completing and passing a VRF training program means your training certification will be issued to you as an individual instead of the organization through which your project is contracted. This gives you the advantage over your competition when bidding future jobs. Learn more and contact Ferguson about VRF training.

The brands of VRF products and training that we offer are specific to select regions across the U.S. We offer Fujitsu training in the eastern U.S. region, and Mitsubishi training in California, Nevada and Arizona. Learn about our various VRF training capabilities by manufacturer and see how we could train you to install VRF on your next HVAC project.

Fujitsu VRF training

Ferguson offers single-day and two-day Fujitsu VRF system training programs in locations across the eastern U.S region. We also offer an abbreviated course for contractors who simply need to install a single-phase Fujitsu VRF system for light commercial or residential use.

Single-day Fujitsu RAIT VRF training

The single-day Fujitsu training course, known as Regional Airstage Installation Training or RAIT, exposes attendees to the basics features and functions of Fujitsu Airstage VRF equipment. The single-day RAIT training is taught at all eastern Ferguson locations where Fujitsu VRF is sold and is a prerequisite for the two-day Fujitsu Airstage VRF training. We also offer an abbreviated version of the single-day course for contractors who simply need to install a single-phase Fujitsu VRF system for light commercial or residential use.

Two-day Fujitsu Airstage VRF training

The two-day Fujitsu Airstage VRF training course is taught at two Ferguson locations: one in Louisville, Kentucky, and the other at the Ferguson VRF Technology Center in Chesapeake, Virginia. The course is also taught at Fujitsu’s location in Pinebrook, New Jersey, and is hosted by a Ferguson VRF sales engineer.

Attendees of the two-day Airstage training course learn how to lay out, install and troubleshoot Fujitsu Airstage VRF systems in a hands-on lab featuring fully functional VRF equipment. Once you complete the course and pass the final test, you will become an official Fujitsu certified trained contractor. As an added benefit, your name will be included on our reference list of VRF certified contractors. This provides you with the potential for future lead-generating opportunities for your contracting business.

Mitsubishi VRF training

Ferguson has partnered with Mitsubishi to offer single-day and three-day Mitsubishi VRF training for professional contractors in select states in the eastern U.S. region.

Single-day Mitsubishi VRF training

Gain proficiency with Mitsubishi VRF equipment by completing the single-day Mitsubishi training. Held in our Pomona, California, location, the class is co-taught by a Mitsubishi factory representative. By completing this course you will learn how to lay out Mitsubishi VRF systems with hands-on training and be qualified to take the three-day Mitsubishi VRF course.

Three-day Mitsubishi VRF training

Taught at Mitsubishi’s factory locations across the country, the three-day Mitsubishi VRF training course provides a deeper level of knowledge of Mitsubishi VRF systems. By the end of the course, you will know how to install, troubleshoot and service Mitsubishi VRF equipment. Plus, you will be authorized to start up and commission a Mitsubishi VRF project with the sponsorship of a Ferguson VRF associate.

*VRF training and certifications vary by manufacturer and by region. VRF training is not available in all locations. Learn more about VRF capabilities in your area.