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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

For public and private utilities, upgrading to advanced metering infrastructure, or AMI, is a smart investment that can increase the monetization of water and other utilities.

As the country’s leading supplier of waterworks products, Ferguson Waterworks is your source for comprehensive smart metering and AMI solutions. Our Meter & Automation Group specializes in upgrading and retrofitting analog water meter systems to the latest in AMI technology.

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How does an AMI system work?

Two Ferguson associates install water metering technology in the front yard of a home in a residential neighborhood.

AMI is a robust form of water metering technology that allows for the direct transmission of water use data between the point of consumption and the utility. AMI makes it possible for meter data to be read in real time, which provides a higher level of accuracy while simultaneously eliminating the need to manually read water meters.

Because of this instantaneous data transmission, AMI can improve the overall efficiency of your utility operations.

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AMI benefits for utilities

The key benefit of AMI technology is that it significantly reduces the issue of non-monetized water. Learn more about the top five AMI benefits. The real-time data that AMI is capable of reading can lend these advantages:

  • Allows for the identification of potential leaks

  • Saves money with energy efficiency initiatives

  • Bases monthly bills on actual usage and not estimated use

  • Resolves billing questions more efficiently

  • Enables fast and easy tenancy changes

Download your free copy of the white paper Advanced Metering Infrastructure: The Need Is Now to learn more about the benefits of AMI.

Financial benefits of AMI system upgrades

The cost of upgrading to an AMI system can be built in to your public utility’s operating budget through financing options. Ferguson Waterworks has developed the free Financial Benefits Analysis checklist that your utility can use to gain insight as to whether or not financing is the right option for your organization. Email our team to learn more about financing options or for a free, no-obligation Financial Benefits Analysis.

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