Kamstrup Water Metering Systems & Solutions

Explore how Ferguson Waterworks can help your utility organization upgrade with smart water meters and remote monitoring. We’ve partnered with Kamstrup intelligent meter reading solutions to save utilities time, money and resources.

Ferguson is your source for Kamstrup water meter solutions in the following states:

  • Alabama

  • Arkansas

  • Colorado

  • Georgia

  • Oklahoma

  • Texas

  • Utah

Our Meter & Automation Group will help you find the most effective combination of Kamstrup ultrasonic water meters for automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in the above states. Contact us to get expert assistance on upgrading your utility.

If your state isn’t listed, check meter system availability to see how Ferguson can help utilities in your location.

Kamstrup AMR solutions

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A pioneer in ultrasonic metering with 30 years of ultrasonic experience, Kamstrup offers the latest in ultrasonic water meter technology to help any water district or utility reduce water loss and increase revenue. The READy system empowers utilities to conduct drive-by meter readings without a steep investment in hardware. Benefit from Kamstrup AMR features such as:

  • Bluetooth-connected access to encrypted meter data, alarms and info codes without needing to return to the office

  • Reduced labor hours and improved service by reading consumption data without customer interaction

  • Ability to upgrade and increase data collection frequency with a range of products, capable of upgrading existing meters from AMR to AMI

To discuss how ultrasonic meters and remote meter reading from Kamstrup can help your utility save, reach out to our experts.

Kamstrup AMI solutions

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When your utility is ready to upgrade, Kamstrup’s fixed READy network reading (AMI) allows you to transition at the scale and pace that works for you. Choose to switch to automatic data collection all at once or one area at a time. Features and benefits of Kamstrup AMI solutions include:

  • Seamless AMI integration with modular components like the READy MTU, which uses FCC-licensed 450MHz to 470MHz frequency band

  • The industry’s only full-time acoustic leak detection capable meters with a 20-year lifetime to identify leaks both on customer service lines and distribution water mains

  • Reliable ultrasonic water meters with a well-documented low failure rate of less than half a percent

Contact us to explore how an easy migration to Kamstrup AMI systems can deliver robust infrastructure with a lower total cost of ownership.

Finance your Kamstrup system investment

Our Meter & Automation Group goes beyond helping you choose the Kamstrup water meter solution that’s right for your utility. We can also help you determine the revenue potential of upgrading your water system. Discover if financing improvements make sense for your utility by emailing Ferguson for your free, no-obligation Financial Benefits Analysis checklist.