Pipe Fusion Training & Rental

Train your team to install chemical-resistant pipe for a plant or domestic potable water lines for a commercial building project, and save time and resources with reliable machines delivered directly to your jobsite. Discover how comprehensive pipe fusion training and machine rentals from Ferguson can help you safely finish high-quality projects.

Pipe fusion training

Three Ferguson associates wearing hard hats and reflective vests talk together in front of a large pipe.

Empower your crew to construct complete HDPE, PP-R and PP-RCT pipe systems through Ferguson pipe fusion training programs. Our factory-certified trainers offer on-site skill training and educational programs that focus on HDPE, PP-R and PP-RCT pipe fusion. Explore our capabilities and see what makes us an industry-leading provider of pipe fusion services.

PP-R & PP-RCT pipe fusion training

Wherever you need PP-R or PP-RCT fusion training, we can help with hundreds of Ferguson associates who are certified fusion technicians across the U.S. We provide training on PP-R and PP-RCT fusion, including socket fusion for pipe 4" and smaller and butt fusion for pipe 4" - 24", as well as electrofusion training. We train your crew how to operate the following brands of pipe fusion machines:

  • WIDOS welding machines

  • McElroy

  • Ritmo America

Our trainers will make sure each person gets the individual attention they need to ensure they can safely and effectively fuse PP-R and PP-RCT pipe. We will also show your crew how to properly pressure test their work for a guaranteed leak-free fuse.

HDPE pipe fusion training

Our HDPE pipe fusion training meets the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM. From small hand-held fusion equipment to larger electrofusion machines, Ferguson is your source for comprehensive HDPE fusion training solutions, including electrofusion, butt fusion, saddle fusion and socket fusion.

Our trainers are certified McElroy master trainers, receive regular retraining to keep up with new industry standards, and can train your crew at McElroy’s facility in Tulsa, OK, or at your location.

Ferguson teaches to any HDPE fusion certification, including fusion for gas lines. Upon completion of training, your crew is tested in order to receive their ASTM pipe fusion card, which qualifies them to fuse HDPE pipe for up to one year after issue.

We also provide data logger training to test the quality of a finished HDPE pipe fusion job. This allows you to capture all of the pipe fusion data and ensures every fuse meets ASTM standards.

Fusion machine rental program

A Ferguson associate wearing protective apparel examines a pipe fusion machine on a tow bed.

Leverage the combination of our expansive inventory of pipe with our fusion machine rental program to ensure a quality finished project. We maintain one of the industry’s largest and most reliable fleet of fusion machines and can deploy the appropriate equipment needed to fuse HDPE, PP-R and PP-RCT pipe directly to the jobsite for the entire length of your project.

Our in-house maintenance team makes sure that the machine you receive is in optimal working condition and is as reliable as a new machine, while our team of highly trained pipe fusion machine rental specialists will work with you to thoroughly review the requirements of your project. We assist with:

  • Quality: We are a certified McElroy rental program partner.

  • Selection: We will help you find the right fusion equipment from our fleet of pipe fusion machines and accessories depending on the pipe material, size and intended application.

  • Coordination: After choosing the proper equipment, we will schedule the rental based on the estimated time requirements for project completion.

  • Delivery: We take care of the fusion machine delivery directly to your jobsite to save you time and resources.

Renting a pipe fusion machine from Ferguson provides assurance that you will have the right equipment you need to get the job done safely, securely and on time.

HDPE pipe fusion machines

For ½" to 65" HDPE pipe, we provide fusion machines and accessories from our featured fusion machine brand, McElroy, to help you complete even the largest HDPE pipe fusion projects. To save you additional expenses, we are able to rent fusion machines that you can use interchangeably on different pipe sizes depending on the size and brand of pipe.

PP-R & PP-RCT pipe fusion machines

In addition to McElroy, we also rent equipment from Ritmo America and WIDOS fusion machines to help you fuse PP-R and PP-RCT pipe up to 24". For PP-R and PP-RCT fusion machine rentals, contact the National Rental Center at 844-NRC-RENT (844-672-7368).

Other fusion rental equipment

Find more fusion and pipe testing equipment, including:

  • Electrofusion processors and accessories

  • Socket fusion supplies

  • Sidewall fusion equipment

  • McElroy DataLogger® for hydraulic fusion activity and heater temps

  • Pipe stand

  • Polyhorse

  • Poly-porter

  • Generator

Contact us for fusion machine rental.