A view from above of a wastewater treatment plant, with six rows for removing grit and sludge in front of seven reservoirs for final sedimentation.

Ferguson Waterworks delivers quality products and innovative solutions across the water, sanitary sewer and stormwater management industries. As one of the nation’s largest waterworks companies, Ferguson puts your needs first. Every day, public and private water sewer authorities, utility contractors, public works/line contractors and heavy highway contractors count on Ferguson because of our world-class service.

We have everything you need to serve customers in your community.

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Sanitize water in a new pipe system and ensure environmental safety of runoff through our offering of chlorination and dechlorination products.

Fusion machine rental

Choose experienced professionals to perform on-site pipe fusion with the added convenience of returning the tools when the job is done.

Hydrant repair

Ensure safety and maintain the quality of your hydrant inventory with regular servicing by our knowledgeable associates.


Inventory management

Optimize replenishment processes with one of our customized inventory services or a combination of time-saving solutions for your jobsite and facility applications.

Water line tapping

Learn how Ferguson's experience with line tapping thousands of hot and cold taps can help on your next jobsite.

Pipe fusion

Create a customized HDPE pipe system based on your job specs with expert assistance from our certified pipe fusion technicians.


Valve insertion

Keep the water flowing and meet your project timeline when you take advantage of valve insertion services performed by our experienced associates.

Water metering: AMR/AMI

Save time and money with automated meter reading systems and metering infrastructure from small scale to large urban projects, custom-tailored to your specifications.

Water metering installation

Save time and resources by allowing our in-house water metering experts to swap out or install a new water metering system for you in your municipality.

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