Fan Control Board


Fan Control Board

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Fan Control Board

  • Part #GPCBFM103S
  • Item #3511484
  • Manufacturer Part #PCBFM103S
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EA: 1 CA: 6
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Product Details

  • Genuine Factory OEM repair part
  • Ships in original factory packaging
  • Guaranteed to fit and function properly
  • Not an aftermarket or generic part


Brand Model Compatibility:
AR18-1, AR18-1D, AR24-1, AR24-1D, AR30-1, AR30-1D, AR32-1, AR32-1D, AR36-1, AR42-1, AR48-1, AR49-1, AR60-1, AR61-1, ATUF182416AA, ATUF193116AA, ATUF303016AA, ATUF363616AA, ATUF364216AA, ATUF374316AA, ATUF486016AA, CPC036XXX7BXJXBA, CPC036XXX7BXXXBA, CPC060XXX3BXJXAA, CPC060XXX3BXXXAA, CPC060XXX4BXJXAA, CPC060XXX4BXXXAA, CPC060XXX7BXJXAA, CPH036XXX1DXJXAA, CPH036XXX1DXXXAA, CPH036XXX3BXJXAA, CPH036XXX3BXXXAA, CPH036XXX3DXJXAA, CPH036XXX3DXXXAA, CPH036XXX4BXJXAA, CPH036XXX4BXXXAA, CPH048XXX1DXJXAA, CPH048XXX1DXXXAA, CPH048XXX3BXJXAA, CPH048XXX3BXXXAA, CPH048XXX3DXJXAA, CPH048XXX3DXXXAA, CPH048XXX4BXJXAA, CPH048XXX4BXXXAA, CPH060XXX3BXJXAA, CPH060XXX3BXXXAA, CPH060XXX4BXJXAA, CPH060XXX4BXXXAA, CPH060XXX7BXJXAA, CPH060XXX7BXXXAA, GPC1324H21A, GPC1324H21AB, GPC1324H21AC, GPC1324H21AD, GPC1324H41AA, GPC1330H21A, GPC1330H21AB, GPC1330H21AC, GPC1330H21AD, GPC1330H21AE, GPC1330H41AA, GPC1336H21A, GPC1336H21AB, GPC1336H21AC, GPC1336H21AD, GPC1336H41AA, GPC1342H21A, GPC1342H21AB, GPC1342H21AC, GPC1342H21AD, GPC1342H41AA, GPC1348H21A, GPC1348H21AB, GPC1348H21BA , GPC1348H21BB, GPC1348H21BC, GPC1348H41BA, GPH1324H21A, GPH1324H21AA, GPH1324H21AB, GPH1324H21AC, GPH1324H21AD, GPH1324H41AA, GPH1330H21A, GPH1330H21AA, GPH1330H21AB, GPH1330H21AC, GPH1330H21AD, GPH1330H41AA, GPH1336H21A, GPH1336H21AA, GPH1336H21AB, GPH1336H21AC, GPH1336H21AD, GPH1336H21AE, GPH1336H41AA, GPH1342H21A, GPH1342H21AB, GPH1342H21AC, GPH1342H21AD, GPH1342H21AE, GPH1342H41AA, GPH1348H21A, GPH1348H21AA, GPH1348H21AB, GPH1348H21AC, GPH1348H21AD, GPH1348H41AA, GPH1348H41BA, P1239217C, P1239218C, P1239223C, P1239224C, PCKJ024-1, PCKJ024-1A, PCKJ024-1B, PCKJ030-1, PCKJ030-1A, PCKJ036-1, PCKJ036-1A, PCKJ042-1, PCKJ042-1A, PCKJ048-1, PCKJ060-1, PH060-5GA, PH060-5GB, PH060-5GC
Control Board Type:
UL Listed:
6-3/10 in