• Noritz Indoor Residential Condensing Natural Gas Combination Boiler 199,900 BTUH - 10-Year Warranty
  • The NRCB is the first and only combination boiler on the market that can simultaneously provide domestic and space heating for residential applications
  • At the most basic level, this means having one unit doing the work of two - and more resourcefully at that.
  • This fuel-saving performance earns it the highest Energy Star rating, allowing homeowners to qualify for excellent various state energy rebates around the country
  • The unit delivers hot water at a 95 % efficiency; that is, 95 % of the fuel consumed goes to heating the water to the preset temperature, as opposed to being lost up the flue into the atmosphere.
  • 199,900 BTUH for hot water
  • 120,000 BTUH for Space Heating
  • 95% thermal efficiency
  • Whole home domestic water heating capability
  • Integrated pump to maximize flow rate of primary heating loop

Noritz America Noritz Residential Gas Boiler 199 MBH Electric and Gas


Manufacturer Part #: GHQ-C3201WX-FF US LP

Input MBH :

199 MBH