18 in. Inline Drain with Grate

Nyloplast America

18 in. Inline Drain with Grate

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Nyloplast America

18 in. Inline Drain with Grate

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  • Inline drains are easily adjustable in the field to meet final grade. Last minute trimming or extensions are easily made to insure proper positive drainage is achieved
  • Structures are shipped with rubber gaskets to ensure a watertight connection. This prevents the soil infiltration that plagues precast (or "traditional") structures and prevents long-term settlement around the basin
  • The product is lightweight and easily handled which translates into faster installation with less equipment and personnel, which results in a lower total cost
  • With Nyloplast, you can connect and backfill immediately
  • Flexible connections allow minor movement to take place without compromising the structural or watertight integrity of the basin. Additionally, the need to wait for grout to set-up is eliminated
  • The real world can be tough on underground structures. Soils consolidate unevenly and external loads can further complicate matters



18 in
Ductile Iron, Plastic
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Inline Drain with Grate