Geophone Leak Detector (Less Carrying Case)


Geophone Leak Detector (Less Carrying Case)

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Geophone Leak Detector (Less Carrying Case)

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Product Details

  • For best results, place the sensing head firmly against the surface being explored
  • Instrument works best when it is free standing, since the circulation of blood in the hands will set up detectable vibrations
  • Most reliable leak detector available - no batteries
  • Designed and built for detection of vibrations in solid substances not gaseous media
  • When listening to leaks, you can hear the rush of water as it escapes from the pipe [Bullet] Occasionally you will hear an erratic crackling sound caused by gravel or rocks hitting the pipe as the high pressure stream of water moves them as it escapes
  • Light packed snow or grassy surfaces tends to distort or muffle the leak sounds
  • Performs equally well on soil, ice, hard packed snow, pavement or any solid substance


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Leak Detector
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