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  • Compact design allows extensive direct mounting orientations
  • Compliance with international interface standards ISO 5211/DIN 3337 and VDE/VDI 3845 (NAMUR
  • Patented, pressure balanced shaft prevent axial forces acting on the bearings. This results in high reliability, long life and low wear
  • Pre-compressed encapsulated springs allow for easier assembly/disassembly and provide an extra layer of safety protection against spring energy release
  • Robust anodized aluminum bodies ensure even expansion under thermal influences; no jamming of the piston and a high level of corrosion protection
  • Self lubricating piston guide bands made of graphite infused Teflon prevent piston tilt under load, provide longer service life due to low friction, with no maintenance required
  • Shaft and bearing bushings mounted from inside, are of blow-out safe design with no need for external circlips or snap rings providing high operational safety
  • Simple retrofitting of accessories, such as solenoid valves, limit switch, positioners, etc.

Xomox Type XRP 1/4 in. Pneumatic Aluminum and Stainless Steel Actuator


Valve Size:

1/4 in


Actuator Type
Type XRP
Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Maximum Temperature
Torque In-Lbs
2956 in-lbs
Valve Size
1/4 in


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