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Fire Emergency

Be Prepared for Industrial Fire Emergencies

The potential hazard for fires is common in industrial facilities. While steps should always be taken to prevent fires, it’s critical to have a fire preparedness plan in place should one occur. From janitorial and safety supplies to electronics and tools, investing in readiness products is a key step in fire emergency preparedness.

Put small fires out before they turn into larger ones with fire extinguishers. Communication in the event of an emergency is imperative, and equipment like jobsite radios and safety signage can help your crew stay informed and connected.

Stock up on safety equipment like respiratory safety, eye protection and hand protection to safely handle debris after a fire. Be ready to respond with cleaning supplies. From trash bags, brooms and mops to cleaning chemicals and spray bottles, we’re here to help you keep your facility clean. For tips to help you respond to emergencies, explore Safety Matters and protect your industrial facility.