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Power Outage

Shop emergency supplies for power outages

Power outages in industrial facilities are in interruption to operations that may also create safety hazards. Minimize those hazards by having the proper power outage supplies on hand in your industrial facility. Keep flashlights and work lights at the ready, and stock up on batteries in a wide range of sizes to make sure flashlights stay operable.

Get power on demand in emergency situations with portable generators and gas cannisters to keep them fueled. Bundle your purchase with extension cords because you can never have too many. Keeping lines of communication open during a power outage is imperative, and jobsite radios make that possible.

Invest in safety supplies that can help during power outages like first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Help facility workers go where they’re supposed to and stay out of areas they’re not with padlocks and traffic safety equipment. Find resources to protect industrial workers and maintain secure operations by checking out Safety Matters.