Shop essential facility safety products

Ferguson Facilities Supply specializes in serving the needs of maintenance and operations professionals through our offering of safety and security products. Help your crew avoid injury with the right personal protective equipment like gloves, hi-viz apparel and foot protection. Comply with OSHA safety regulations with eye protection, hearing protection and respiratory protection, and explore tips to minimize the dangers of silica dust inhalation.

Put safety first in your facility with safety signs, safety markers, safety cans and cabinets. Prevent injuries from slips and falls with fall protection equipment and spill control containment products. Keep people on the right path and out of harm’s way with traffic safety products and barrier tapes. Increase visibility when working at night or in dimly-lit spaces with flashlights. Learn about OSHA eye wash station requirements, and stay compliant with safety showers & eyewash fixtures. If an accident does happen, be ready to respond with first aid kits and bandages.

Find fire safety, ventilation and gas detection products to help your facility meet building codes. Explore common reasons for facilities to fail a fire inspection, and minimize that risk while protecting building occupants with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire barriers. Avoid gas poisoning with carbon monoxide detectors and gas detectors. Protect your crew when working around noxious fumes with safety ventilation equipment. Explore resources to help you bring your facility to a higher level of security with Safety Matters.