Barcode scanners for inventory control

Saveo Bardcode Scanner

Wireless scanners help you manage inventory, cut costs and save time.

Your warehouse inventory and repair parts supply is critical for getting the job done. Save time, reduce entry errors and decrease warehouse labor with a barcode scanner.  Join your scanner with customized barcodes and to create a winning combination for optimized inventory replenishment.

Featured scanner: Saveo Pocket Scan LCD

With the new Saveo Pocket Scanner, you can conveniently connect via Bluetooth™ techonology to your Android and iOS based mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac. Saveo puts time-saving technology in the palm of your hand.

How It Works:

  1. Pair your Saveo Pocket Scanner to your smart device
  2. Scan the barcodes for the products that you need to order
  3. Upload and submit your order on

It's that simple! Just scan and place your order. Your Ferguson salesman will help you pick the best combination of barcodes to pair with your Saveo Pocket Scanner based on your needs.

Barcode options

  • Bin labels for your warehouse
  • Listed barcodes of products you buy
  • Barcode truck stock lists
  • Customized Essentials Catalog with barcodes

Saveo Pocket Scan LCD resources:

Download the Saveo Pocket Scanner Guide for detailed instructions on how to operate your scanner and use the videos below for quick tips and tutorials to help you get started.


Supported Scanners:

Psion NEO

Psion NEO

The Psion NEO scanner proves that exceptionally good things come in small packages. The lightweight, rugged NEO packs efficiency into its Windows®-based technology with an eight-hour battery that lasts through an entire shift.



Unitech HT580

Unitech Barcode Scanner


  • Download and follow the extraction wizard instructions.
  • Once complete, double click the Unitech Scanner Installation folder to open.
  • Next, double click the Initial Set Up folder to open.
  • Finally, double click on "utransfer_ferguson_setup.exe" file. This will begin the installation.


Looking for the discontinued Unitech scanner instructions? Click here

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