Field Audit Program

Having oversized equipment, especially in an older water system, can not only cause you to use more water and energy than necessary, but it can also increase your annual parts and maintenance costs to keep that equipment running. Get a clear picture of the current water use of your building and the equipment needed to meet those demands with the Ferguson field audit program.

How the field audit program works

A Ferguson associate tests water pressure in a row of hot water supply systems.

With the advantage of the field audit program, you access a dedicated team of experts that monitors your building’s specific water needs using a water line flow meter, analyzes the existing system you have in place, and provides insights that will help you better outfit the system with the proper equipment. Best of all, everything can be done without disruption to your system.


Our experts attach a specialized water line flow meter to test water pressure, temperature and power. While tests can be performed in as little as 20 seconds, we recommend repeated testing over a two-week period for the most accurate data.


The collected data is evaluated to discover how much water the system is actually using, find out if you’re paying too much for utility costs, and appraise the setup of your large water supply system design for efficiency.

Provide insights

Finally, our experts will offer ideas and suggestions to limit wasted energy and money with an updated water supply system more in line with the current demands of your building. If a new water heater is suggested, the Ferguson commercial water heater delivery service can assist with the process, hauling away your old units and getting your new units set in place.

Why the field audit program is beneficial

After a water system field audit, common suggestions for replacement equipment are anywhere from one-half to one-tenth of the size of the original equipment being used. In fact, a recent replacement swapped out an oversized triplex 20 HP booster with a brand-new, more accurate duplex 5 HP booster.

Taking advantage of the field audit program can provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Lower water and energy usage:
    Many commercial buildings have equipment that is both oversized and overpriced. Scaling back on the equipment and converting to products that are more appropriate for the needs of the building lowers the amount of water used and your utility bill at the same time.
  • Lower operations and maintenance costs:
    Using more equipment than needed also means performing more maintenance to support it. Streamlining your mechanical room to only what’s necessary will help lower your annual operations and maintenance costs, as well.
  • Increase equipment life longevity:
    Making the changes recommended by the field audit program can improve the life of your equipment by limiting use to provide only what the building actually needs rather than regularly overtaxing the system.
  • More efficient use of space for the water supply system:
    When you have too much equipment in your building, you can overload the mechanical space available. Often, the field audit program will find that you have much more equipment than you need or can even recommend switching to a more effective solution, freeing up valuable space in your mechanical room.

Let our experts monitor and analyze your water system for efficiency to save your company resources and money.