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3D Laser Scanning & Modeling Services

Top-of-the-line technology and expert advice can make all the difference in today’s industries. The old warning to measure twice and cut once for any building project gets an update with the precision measurements and imaging available now.

Whether you’re retrofitting an existing building with a new system or implementing a system into a new construction project, ensure the project is planned out accurately by taking advantage of Ferguson 3D scanning services.

How do 3D scans work?

Our experts come to your site or building to take precise 3D scans of your physical spaces, providing you with virtual assets that will inform your future projects. Throughout this simple, three-step, mobile 3D scanning process, you’ll have access to our associates to meet every detail and answer your site-specific questions, but it’s always best to start with the basics.


One of our expert associates comes to your site to complete a scan of the space using Faro 3D laser scanning technology. This process involves using horizontal and vertical ranged lasers to measure the distance between the scanner and all objects in the room, providing far more specific and exact information than a simple photo. The size of the building will help determine how long the scanning process takes, but it can be anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days.


After the scan is complete, you’ll receive a fully registered and processed digital copy of your 3D scan. This digital rendering of your space makes it easy to visualize your planned building systems as they would appear within the building conditions, even when working around pipework or other permanent physical objects.


Use your fully registered and process point cloud to model your project accurately. Take advantage of our expert Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team’s services to provide a full suite of solutions, including modeling and detailing, pipe fabrication, diagnostics and project management.

Benefits of using our mobile 3D scanning services

When you start your project with Ferguson mobile 3D scanning services, our expert associates will provide you with a digital copy of your site rendering, recommendations for the building, and fabrication services for your new systems based on the results of these scans. From these high-quality specs, your team can fabricate and install your work correctly from the beginning.

Benefits of industrial 3D scanning services include:

  • An advantage in keeping your building safe and up to code

  • Expert associate support throughout the entire process

  • A Faro 3D scan of the building or site for accurate measurements

  • A digital copy to use for precise planning

  • Expert recommendations and building system fabrication

Use the newest 3D scanning technology to precisely measure and visualize plans before any construction project.