Ferguson Quotation Services

Bid your next contracting job with additional confidence through Ferguson’s quotation services. We have a centralized team of quotation experts who are rigorously trained to quickly and concisely respond to requests for pricing. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quotes that are thorough and precise. When you send a material list to your local Ferguson for pricing, you can depend on us to generate a comprehensive quote often faster than the competition. Consider Ferguson your partner in the bidding process because of our reliable quotation services.


Quotation capabilities

See how our quotation services set us apart from the competition and how you’ll benefit by trusting Ferguson for your next requests for pricing, or RFP:

  • Standardized quote format.

    We generate quotes in a uniform layout across our company, so you know that your quotes will look the same every time. This helps you find the information you need faster. Plus, our quotes are designed to be easily turned into an order when you approve the bid. This streamlines the order process and gets you the material that you need faster.

  • Easy-to-read product details.

    Our quotes feature clear model numbers and product descriptions, so there’s no guessing what we quoted you. The product and pricing information you need is simple to read in black and white.

  • Thorough pricing.

    Our associates are trained to review your project plans and specification, if available, in order to provide you with the most detailed and all-inclusive information. Our goal is to provide pricing for all of the products, accessories and options that may be required to complete the project that may not have been clearly identified in the project plans or specification. Because of our associates’ product knowledge, we know which parts and accessories are needed for the job and will quote them accordingly.


Ferguson is committed to providing you with the most accurate and complete quotes in a timely manner, enabling you to develop your project bid with confidence. You can stake your reputation on Ferguson because of our expert quotation services.


Nationwide quotations

For customers who operate their business at a regional or national level, Ferguson offers transparency with quote details that are area-specific. No matter where your project is located, our quotation experts will provide you with competitive, market-specific pricing across the United States. We know which brands of products are available in every area and will create a quote reflecting that information.

While product and pricing details are unique to the location of the project, the information is presented in an identical format across the country. This makes it easy for you to get the quote information you need no matter where you request your quote.


Commodity pricing service

Ferguson makes it easy for contractors to get pricing on rough commodity products for estimates through our Commodity Pricing Service. This service provides you with monthly updates of current market-specific pricing for rough products such as pipe, valves, fittings, hangers and more. The price lists can quickly and efficiently be uploaded to all of the major estimating software systems, including Maxwell Estimation, QuickPen and QuoteSoft. Ferguson helps you save time spent searching for rough commodity product pricing.