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How to Use Budget Tracking


Budget Tracking, located in Company Settings, is a tool that allows you to easily track your monthly spend. It is available for use on the desktop version of

This tool allows you to:

  • Set and manage monthly spend targets for each job account.

  • Assign a budget administrator* who sets and edits target amounts and receives notifications via Message Center.

  • View monthly budget amounts 12 months out.

  • Edit monthly budgets quickly and easily.

  • Click on the amount spent to view associated purchases.

* The account admin assigns the budget administrator(s). Any person serving as an admin on the account can be assigned as the budget administrator.

Locating Budget Tracking

Budget Tracking is located in Company Settings which can be accessed from the Account dropdown menu or from your Dashboard.

Account Dropdown

Click “Company Settings” to view your Company Settings options including Budget Tracking.

Click “Manage Budgets” to be taken to the Manage Budgets page where you will see the accounts that have Budget Tracking activated.

Edit Budget

You can edit the budget on your account by clicking “Edit.”

A pop-up window will appear and allow you to:

  • Activate budget tracking for a specific main or job account.

  • Assign a budget administrator to manage the monthly budget spend.

  • Enter monthly spend targets.

Activate Budget Tracking

Use the slider to the left of Activate Budget Tracking and click the circle. Then, slide it over to the right and the activate button will turn blue.

Assign Budget Administrator

Click the blue down arrow in the budget administrator box to open the dropdown menu and select an employee from the list as the budget administrator.

Enter Monthly Spend Targets

Enter the monthly spend target for each month and click “Save” to activate budget tracking with the budget administrator selected and dollar amounts listed for each month.

Manage Budget Tracking

Manage Budgets displays the spend amount of orders for main or job accounts that have budget tracking activated. The date an order is needed determines which month's budget a purchase will apply to.

Manage Budget Tracking allows you to:

  • View the individual order spend amount.

  • Quickly activate and manage multiple budgets.

  • Edit existing budgets.

Track Budget Progress

With this tool, you can easily track the progress of a specific account budget to the total budget target. A budget line will automatically turn red when the budget target is exceeded.

Spend Breakdown

Click the spent dollar amount in blue to view a list of the orders placed within the current budget period.

Budget Tracking Messages

The budget administrator will receive notifications in Message Center when an order placed will reach 80% of budget or if 100% of budget is reached in a given day. Messaging only applies to those main/job accounts that have budget tracking activated.

Message Center is located in the Account dropdown or on the Dashboard. Click “Message Center” or “View Budget Tracking” in the message flyout to be taken to the Message Center.

Account Dropdown


The Message Center will display any budget tracking messages. A message will automatically be sent when a purchase will send the spend over 80% of the set budget and when the spend will exceed 100% of the budget target.

Purchaser Views

The purchaser and approvers for orders that are set up for Order Approval will receive this pop-up message when they are placing an order that will exceed the budget target. The name of the budget admin displays so they can be contacted to resolve the exceeded budget if desired. The order can be placed even if it exceeds the budget set for that period by clicking “Place Order”.