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How to Use Pay My Bills

Learn how to use Online Bill Pay to securely view, download, print, and pay invoices online 24/7.


Ferguson commercial credit customers can save time and securely access and pay invoices online 24/7 using Online Bill Pay on

With Online Bill Pay you can:

  • Access Accounts Payable information 24/7

  • View a summary of your balances

  • View, print, and download copies of unpaid and paid invoices

  • Select and securely pay invoices today or schedule for a future date

Depending upon the needs of your organization, you can utilize online bill pay with one of the three access levels:

  • View – View bills
  • Standard Bill Payer – Pay bills

  • A/P Admin – Pay bills, add additional users, and assign users’ role

If you are designated as the A/P Admin for your account, sign in and go to “Company Settings” in the account drop-down menu or in the left navigation of your Dashboard. You can then set up a new user for access to Online Bill Pay or change the role of an existing user.

Locating Pay My Bills

You can access the “Bill Pay Info” and “Pay Bills” link on the left-hand navigation of your Dashboard if you have access to Pay Bills.

You can access the “Bill Pay Info” and “View Bills” link on the left-hand navigation of your Dashboard if you have access only to View Bills.

Requesting Access

To request access to Online Bill Pay, click “Bill Pay Info” to go to the Payment Solutions page.

If you do not have a credit account with Ferguson, you must first apply for credit, and upon receiving an approval email, complete the online bill pay registration on the Payment Solutions page.

You can click “Request Access” to start the setup process or “View Invoices” to display the company invoices.

Your request for Online Bill Pay will take approximately 24 business hours to be processed and an email is automatically sent to the new A/P Admin letting them know they can now access Online Bill Pay by using the “View Bills” button on their Dashboard.

If your company is already registered for Online Bill Pay, the Payment Solutions page will display the name of the A/P Admin. If you do not have the ability to pay bills for your company, you can still view invoices with the Accounting, Combo, and Admin roles by clicking “View Invoices” on the Payment Solutions page or “View Bills” from your Dashboard.

Navigating Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay displays a summary of the company’s current due, future date, and past due balances and a variety of tabs and actions based on the user access level.

Summary Screen

From the summary screen you can “Select Amount” to pay. Click on the box next to the invoice time frame you wish to pay, and “Select Amount” will highlight with the total due. Next, click the “Pay” button and you will be taken to the “Pay Bills” screen with a list of invoices and amounts included in that time frame. Here you can select individual invoice pay amounts, see the total, select the payment account, and payment date before authorizing and confirming your payment.

You can also select the blue “Documents” link on the right to be taken to the list of invoices in that specific time frame or choose to “Pay Other Amount” and enter an amount in the box and select “Pay Amount.”

Note: Using “Pay Other Amount” will apply to the amount entered to the oldest documents first and will consider any credit memos issued on the account.

  • Open Tab – Displays all open invoices and their open balances.
  • Closed Tab – Displays all closed or paid invoices.
  • Payment History Tab – Displays 12 months of payment activity using Online Bill Pay. This menu does not include history on payments through any other method. You can also download a list of invoices paid by selecting the appropriate checkbox and clicking “Download.”
  • Settings Tab – Allows you to update your profile, payment settings, notification settings, and perform user management.

Open Tab Features

From the Open tab you can access the following features. Users with access to pay bills will see “Pay Bills” and “Pay on Account” on the Open tab.

  • Total Balance – Displays the total outstanding balance of the account.
  • Pay Bills – Allows users to select individual invoices to pay.

Note: The grey column headers at the top of the invoices allow you to expand each header to sort or search for a specific document. The “Select All Box” at the top left on the header line is used to select all invoices at the same time.

  • Pay on Account – Allows users to make a lump sum payment. The tab is visible after a payment account is established under the Payment Settings in the Settings tab.

  • Print – Select individual invoices using the check boxes for each invoice and click “Print” to print the selected invoices.

Download – Select individual invoices from the open or closed tab and then click “Download” to choose the file format for your download. The available selections include file types compatible with many popular accounting software packages, like QuickBooks and Peachtree.

  • Move to Closed – Any invoices that have been paid in full automatically move to the Closed tab.

Pay Bill Settings

The Settings tab allows an Accounting Admin to manage payment settings so they can make bill payments for their company.

  • Profile Settings – Update username, name, and email address.
  • Payment Settings – View current payment accounts, set payment options, and add new bank account information.

  • Payment Accounts – Edit existing payment information, add new bank accounts, or delete existing payment information.

  • Payment Options – Choose whether invoices will automatically move to the Closed tab upon receipt of payment.
  • Notification Settings – Manage account notification settings. Place a check mark in the box if you want to receive payment confirmation messages.
  • User Management – Displays only for A/P Admin and allows them to manage existing bill pay users and select user privileges.

Set Up Payment Information

You can pay bills individually, in groups, or make a lump sum payment on your company’s account, but first you will need to make sure you have set up your payment information so a payment can be processed.

Your company’s payment information can be saved within Online Bill Pay through the following steps:

Step 1 – From within Online Bill Pay, click “Settings,” and then click “Payment Settings.” To verify bank account or credit card information already saved, click “Edit” and to delete an existing account, click “Delete.”

Step 2 – To “Add Bank Account,” enter the following information for your payment account.

Step 3 – Click “Save” to complete the setup. You are ready to pay bills online.

  • Friendly Name – Enter a name to easily differentiate the account from any others that may be entered.

  • Bank Name – Enter the name of the bank.

  • Account Type – Select the type of account from the drop-down menu.

  • Name on Account – Enter the name on the account.

  • Routing Number – Enter the 9-digit routing number.

  • Account Number – Enter the bank account number.

  • Re-type Account Number – Re-enter the bank account number.

  • Address/City/State/Zip Code – Enter the address associated with the bank account, including city, state and zip code.

Pay Bills

If you have access to pay bills, you can pay individual or multiple invoices through the following steps:

Step 1 – From the Open tab, check the invoices you wish to pay and then click “Pay Bills” to begin the payment process.

Note: When selecting multiple invoices, the dollar amount will appear in the bottom right corner of the table. If credit memos are selected, the dollar amount of the credit will be subtracted from the total payment amount shown in the bottom right corner.

Step 2 – The Payment Details screen will display. Here you will confirm the account to be used for payment, the date of the payment, and invoices and credits to be applied. The dollar amount of each invoice or credit will be listed and the payment amount box will pre-populate with the full amount of each.

Select or verify the following payment information:

  • Payment Account – Select the desired Payment Account from the drop-down menu.

  • Payment Date – Review or enter a new payment date. You can select a future date.

  • Pay Amt – Review the default amounts and adjust as necessary. If you change a payment amount, you are required to select a reason in the Reason column drop-down menu.

  • Add Deduction/Payment – Select this option if you want to add a payment or a deduction for a line item that you do not see on your account.

Click “Next” to progress to the Payment Authorization page.

Step 3 – On the authorization page you can review the details of the payment including:

  • Invoices or credits you're paying or applying one final time

  • Confirm that you authorize the electronic payment by checking the box to authorize the transaction

Next, click “Authorize” to complete the payment and view the confirmation page. You may also click “Cancel” or “Back” to go back and make corrections.

Step 4 – Review the Confirmation screen, then click “Done.” Your payment is submitted.

Pay on Account

You can make a lump sum payment towards your account, but you must have your account information already saved within “Settings.”

Step 1 – Click “Pay on Account” from the Open invoices tab to make a lump sum or one-time payment towards your account.

Step 2 – Enter/Verify Payment Details

The Payment Details screen will display. The payment details must be entered and verified to complete the payment.

Select or verify the following payment information:

  • Payment Account – Select the desired Payment Account from the drop-down menu.

  • Amount to Pay – Enter the lump sum payment amount.

  • Payment Date – Review or enter a new payment date. You can select a future date.

  • Reference Number – This optional field is available for you to enter a check number to associate with the payment.

  • Reference Date – This optional field is available for you to enter a date to associate with the payment.

  • Reason – Enter instructions on how to apply the payment (i.e., apply oldest to newest, apply to statement balance, apply to job account #12345, etc.).

Then click “Next” to go to the Payment Authorization page.

Step 3 – Review the details of the payment, then click “Authorize” to complete the payment. You can click “Cancel” or “Back” to go back and make corrections.

Step 4 – Review the Confirmation screen, then click “Done.” If you wish, click “Print Confirmation” before clicking “Done.” The payment has been submitted.

Note: When utilizing the Pay on Account option, please be sure to send any remittance information including your account number and payment amount to Ferguson at so we can post your payment properly for you.