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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Improve the quality of air in any building and with IAQ solutions from Ferguson. We back our expansive inventory of IAQ products with support from our team of indoor air quality experts. This allows us to help you or your customers breathe better with healthy air. Whether you’re a contractor, a business owner, a facility manager or a homeowner, we can help you minimize air pollution in any interior space. Discover what makes us the preferred choice for indoor air quality solutions, and email us to or click to contact us and request IAQ support.
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Indoor air quality monitoring technology

Ferguson offers indoor air quality sensors and monitors for both commercial and residential applications. Whether you are looking to measure your baseline indoor air quality to then upgrade with IAQ solutions, or you are looking to monitor your indoor air quality around the clock, we are here to help. We’re your source for monitors and sensors that can help detect these primary factors that contribute to the overall quality of indoor air:

  • image icon of particle dustParticulate levels
  • image icon of a thermometerTemperature
  • image icon reperesenting humid airHumidity
  • image icon of the co2 symbolCarbon dioxide
  • image icon of a flameVolatile organic compounds

We’ll help provide recommendations for IAQ solutions from our inventory of air quality products. If you’re in need of installation services, we can connect you with a professional contractor in your area.

IAQ Education & Resources

Find answers to commonly asked questions about indoor air quality and gain a better understanding of the benefits of IAQ solutions.


IAQ products

Our IAQ services can help you promote a healthy living or workspace by reducing factors that contribute to airborne illnesses. We provide customized product recommendations based on your specific air quality needs. Learn about the types of IAQ products we offer and how they work to reduce factors that cause air contamination.

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    Air purifiers

    • Air purifiers can sanitize contaminants and particulate matter in the air and on surfaces. There are three main types of air purification technologies including UV, Active UV/PCO, and ionization.
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    • Ventilation refers to the intentional introduction of outdoor air to help protect your indoor air quality. Air exchanges, exhausting stale air out and supplying fresh air in, is a very important contributor to your home or business's indoor air quality.
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    • This is the first line of defense to limit what enters a home or building.
    • Filters work by removing particulates such as dust, pollen and bacteria.
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    Humidity control

    • The ideal interior humidity range is 30%-60% according to the Centers for Disease Control. Above or below that range can allow germs and pathogens live longer as well as not allow our bodies to naturally fight off viruses.
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