Water Line Chlorination and Dechlorination

Water line chlorination is essential to the safety and sanitation of potable water systems. Chlorinated water, however, can have an adverse environmental impact when discharged if not properly dechlorinated.

Ferguson Waterworks offers a complete line of chlorination and dechlorination products to help you comply with industry standards and regulations. Contact us to see how we can support you in your area.

Chlorination and dechlorination regulations

A person holds a white chlorination tablet over the middle of three mesh tubes.

Several federal, state, county and local government organizations have set regulations for the amount of chlorine that can be discharged into the environment. Utility agencies are responsible for meeting these regulations.

As a leader in the industry when it comes to approved chemicals and equipment for chlorination and dechlorination systems, Ferguson Waterworks can help. See examples of some of these regulations below.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

For total residual chlorine (TRC), the EPA’s water quality criteria are as follows:

  • Emergency situation: Acute toxicity criterion for receiving streams should not exceed 0.019 mg/L (ppm).

  • Long-term: Chronic toxicity criterion for receiving bodies of water shall not exceed 0.01 mg/L (ppm).

Chlorination and dechlorination support

It’s critical that new or repaired water lines are properly cleansed and safely discharged of chlorine. We can help you meet the requirements outlined by the EPA, AWWA and other agencies. Our combined offering of chlorination and dechlorination products makes us the reliable source for your water sanitation and neutralization product needs. Contact Ferguson Waterworks to get support near you.

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