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Fire Hydrant Repair

For municipalities and water authorities, performing regular maintenance on the fire hydrants in a community is essential to ensuring public safety during emergency situations. That’s why Ferguson Waterworks offers quality products for fire hydrant repair and maintenance and can help coordinate certified service.

Contact us to learn how we can help with hydrant repair services, available in select markets only.

Fire hydrant repair services: how it works

A worker wearing an orange reflective vest uses a wrench to tighten a yellow fire hydrant.

We offer or can coordinate fire hydrant repair services from manufacturer-certified hydrant repair specialists. We can support the following types of maintenance where hydrant repair services are offered:

  • Replace worn gaskets and parts. We will inspect the hydrant components for signs of deterioration and replace any parts as needed. Our inventory of replacement parts and expansive vendor alignments allow us to quickly fix the hydrant with brand-new components.

  • Lubricate the operating nut and stem. To prevent seizing, stripping and binding, our hydrant repair team can be deployed to perform on-site lubrication of the hydrant valve stem. We use approved NSF-61 lubricants to keep the hydrant components moving smoothly.

  • Repair leaking hydrants. If a hydrant has sprung a leak, we’re able to isolate the leak’s exact location and repair it promptly to minimize water waste.

  • Sandblast and paint hydrants in place. We’ll first remove old paint with a sandblaster and then repaint the hydrant with a primer and a fresh coat of paint. We can perform this all in place without the hassle of having to remove the hydrant from its fixed location.

  • Lower or raise the breakoff flanges. A hydrant that is installed to the proper depth is important to its function during an accident. As ground levels surrounding a fire hydrant change due to road widening, site work or landscaping, it’s important to make sure the hydrant’s height is adjusted to compensate for these changes. Our hydrant repair team will ensure safety by lowering or raising the hydrant to the appropriate height.

If hydrant repair services are offered in your area, Ferguson Waterworks can help you extend resources by prolonging the life of the fire hydrants in your community. Contact us to request more information about our service offering in your market.

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