Water Line Tapping

Ferguson Waterworks is dedicated to providing utility contractors and water authorities highly specialized services to meet the specific requirements of every job. In select locations, our associates provide expert pipe tapping assistance for customers who need to tap a water line. Contact us to discuss water line tapping services, available in select markets only.

Water pipe tapping services

Three workers in a trench work on an underground utility pipe.

In the areas we offer pipe tapping services, our seasoned teams of in-house water line tappers can perform both hot and cold taps on a variety of pipe material and from 4-inch pipe to 24-inch pipe. Here’s what you can expect from our water pipe tapping team if we offer this service in your area:

  • Pre-tap, Ferguson Waterworks associates will work with you to review your plans and determine what equipment will be necessary. You can depend on our associates to understand the local codes just as well as you do.

  • On the day the tap is to be completed, we will arrive on time to the designated location. We recognize that there are tight schedules to get the job done and that the tap must be completed in a timely manner.

  • Our associates have the experience to understand that once the ground is opened up, anything can happen. Our skilled hot tapping team can leverage our strong vendor relationships to overcome any unexpected material challenges that might be encountered to help get the task done on time.

Connect with Ferguson Waterworks today to see if we provide water line tapping assistance in your market, and learn about the other services we provide.

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