An industrial building’s rooftop with multiple rows of solar panels installed for sustainability.


Environmental products

Preparing for tomorrow’s demands requires efficient, resilient and adaptable solutions. Ferguson is committed to simplifying our customers’ sustainability journeys.

On a residential home construction site, a worker operates a front-end loader to install water storage tanks.

The Ferguson vision for sustainability

We are committed to driving sustainable product innovation and helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals. Our people, expertise and position within the value chain create positive impact opportunities for our customers, suppliers and local communities. As a company, we embrace the opportunity to extend a hand, leave our mark and help build a better world.

Offering a range of high-performing green products, green building materials and green appliances is part of the Ferguson vision for sustainability. Environmental products will help our customers navigate challenges related to water uncertainty and make their businesses more efficient and resilient.

Our approach to green products

To prepare for tomorrow’s demands, infrastructure must be efficient, adaptable and resilient. Adopting sustainable and energy-efficient solutions helps businesses build a better world.

A biofiltration system in a small garden area to pretreat stormwater.
A row of interlocked tan and sienna permeable pavers.

As an industry leader, Ferguson has a unique opportunity to support our customers who are seeking sustainable products and solutions to successfully complete their projects. Sustainable products bring a range of benefits, helping business owners conserve resources and meet the needs of modern customers.

Our sustainable product offerings span multiple trades, providing solutions for municipalities, engineers, skilled trade professionals, and facility and property managers. With leak detection and water-efficient products, energy-saving lighting and appliances, ethically sourced building materials, green cleaning solutions and more, Ferguson is committed to simplifying our customers’ sustainable projects.

Investments in sustainability

We invest in emerging opportunities to drive sustainable product innovations, focused on better creation, treatment, heating and distribution of water, and advancing electrification in buildings and reducing energy consumption. Two recent investments include Pearl Certification and Greyter.

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Icons of sustainability

Ferguson provides a range of sustainability resources for contractors ready to make a difference in their business. Learn the icons that represent environmentally responsible choices, from buildings and wood products to cleaning supplies and much more.

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Green ideas

Discover ideas to make your business more sustainable and expand your market to environmentally conscious customers. Our selection of articles for contractors will show how being eco-friendly can boost your bottom line.

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Legislation Center

Stay informed on updates to regulations that will affect your industry with the Ferguson Legislation Center. Explore new standards for HVAC systems, accessing funds for water infrastructure, OSHA penalties and more.

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