For nearly 70 years, Ferguson has been more than just a business. Our culture is deeply rooted in our commitment to take care of our associates, customers, suppliers and the communities we serve. We are dedicated to our core values of people, integrity, innovation, safety, service and results. Our values guide our actions and our relationships – from reducing our environmental footprint to fostering a culture of best associates to building a more resilient business.

As Ferguson grows and evolves, our focus on sustainability remains steadfast. Our top priorities include the health and safety of our associates, the development of our people, along with our impact on the environment and the communities we serve. We are committed to ensuring that we behave ethically at all times, while remaining alert to emerging risks and opportunities for the business.

We will continue to improve associate engagement, creating a positive and open culture that attracts passionate people who bring innovative ideas to Ferguson. We will advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion within our company and communities. These issues are important to our associates, customers, suppliers and shareholders, but most importantly, they are important to us. Download the brochure highlighting all of our sustainability efforts.

Community Engagement

Ferguson Cares is part of the company’s overall Sustainability program and builds long-lasting, purposeful partnerships, providing more than just a product or a donation. At Ferguson, we want to create a future everyone is proud of. Purpose-driven and never done, we push each other to be our best selves and the best company for our associates, partners and customers. Because while the world changes, what we stand for will not.

Ferguson Cares seeks to build partnerships with transformational nonprofit organizations within its key focus areas of:

Disaster Relief
Disaster relief
Clean Water & Sanitation
Clean water & sanitation
Skilled Trades
Skilled trades

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Efficient operations

We believe in continuous improvement and are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint through energy management, supply chain management, fuel consumption and emissions reduction. Read our complete Sustainability Policy statement.

Carbon and waste targets & data

As part of our waste reduction initiatives, we added more than 60 new recycling locations across the country. We continue to recycle significant volumes of corrugated cardboard, shrink wrap, pallets, metal, bottles and cans. We also introduced new waste minimization strategies that include:

  • Providing reusable totes in distribution centers.
  • Donating discontinued products to charities.
  • Incorporating fuel-efficient vehicles in our fleet of delivery trucks.
  • Minimizing the amount of void fill use in our packages.

Since 2015/16, we have reduced carbon intensity by 7%, reduced waste intensity by 7%, and increased recycling rate to 28%. We continue to strive to reduce environmental impact across our own operations and in our supply chain. Find more information about our carbon emissions and sustainability efforts in our CDP reports.

Find more information about our carbon emissions in previous years, download our CDP reports.

Ferguson 2020 CDP Response

Ferguson 2019 CDP Response

Ferguson 2018 CDP Response

Ferguson 2017 CDP Response

Sustainable products and solutions

Our sustainability efforts also focus on product quality and integrity, product packaging and design, and environmental impacts of the products and services we offer.

Product quality and integrity

All our major supplier partners agree to a Supplier Code of Conduct that includes requirements for social responsibility, including human rights and labor standards, standards for meeting environmental regulations and providing safe working conditions, measures for anti-bribery and corruption and supply chain transparency.

Supplying products for energy efficiency

Whether for LEED, Living Building Challenge, or for general energy efficiency improvements, we are committed to helping our customers meet their goals through our expansive inventory of environmentally preferred products. We offer a wide selection of plumbing fixtures, HVAC supplies, lighting and fans, and more that are designed to reduce environmental impact. This includes products that are ENERGY STAR and WaterSense labeled. To shop these products, simply choose the product category on Then, you can filter by sustainable product certification on the left hand of the product navigation.