How to become a professional plumber


Pursuing a plumbing career can open the door to a number of opportunities. The first step is to understand the requirements for becoming a plumber in your area. Discover what you can expect and see what it will take for you to achieve your goal.

How to meet OSHA eyewash standards in your facility


Eye injuries on the job cost employers about $300 million in medical and insurance claims every year. Don't let yourself or your crew be part of this statistic. See how to properly equip your facility with eyewash stations and protect your eyes on the job.

Top 5 benefits of PHCC membership


The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association, or PHCC, offers a number of member benefits. Discover how joining the PHCC can help you grow your career, further your education, save money and provide other advantages.

How much do plumbers make? Why it pays to be a plumber


If you're considering a future career move, see why it might pay off to pursue a career as a professional plumber. In addition to giving you earning potential, becoming a plumber could have a variety of other perks. Explore the benefits of becoming a plumber.

5 fire prevention tips for multifamily properties


Fires pose a threat to multifamily properties, such as apartments and assisted living facilities, because of the high number of people living in close quarters. Follow these fire prevention tips to protect the safety of your tenants and your property.

5 reasons your facility will fail a fire inspection


Passing a fire inspection is a necessary hurdle faced by all property managers. Fire codes vary from city to city, but the reasons for failing an inspection are the same. Read about common reasons for failing and see how to pass a fire inspection.

6 common causes of fires on the jobsite


Active construction sites present a number of potential fire hazards that can cause property damage, bodily injury and even fatalities. Read about common causes of jobsite fires and get fire safety tips to see how you can stop a fire before it starts.

4 tips to prevent electrical hazards on the jobsite


Trade professionals who work in the construction industry have a higher chance of being electrocuted on the job than almost any other profession. Prevent electrical hazards on the jobsite with electrical safety tips to keep yourself and your crew safe.

LED terminology guide for trade pros


The packaging for an LED light bulb contains useful information about a specific LED bulb's characteristics, but what do those technical terms actually mean? Use this guide to brush up on the language of LEDs and buy LED bulbs like a pro.

Top 8 reasons to switch your facility to LEDs


The light bulbs and light fixtures your facility uses can make all the difference in terms of operating expenses. Get the facts about LEDs and see how switching to LED lighting in your facility will help you save time, labor and your bottom line.

5 tips to help you organize your work van


Your work van or truck is an essential component of your pro trade business. Read useful tips to help you create the ultimate mobile storage system on wheels in your work van and see how it will help you run your business more efficiently.

How to prevent jobsite theft


The jobsite can be a tempting target for potential burglars and trespassers, and the results of a break-in can greatly impact your bottom line. Read expert tips from a safety professional and see what you can do to secure your property on the job.

How to grow your business with touchless technology


Touchless plumbing technology is a growing trend and offers the potential for your business to benefit. See why encouraging your customers to opt for touchless faucets and toilets can grow your professional trade or contacting company.