Navigate to the Quote Center

The Quote Center is only accessible to users who have the ability to place orders and have an established account at a Ferguson store.

  • Hover over the My Ferguson icon and click Dashboard to pull up your Dashboard.
    • From your Dashboard, you will see a list of any recent quote activity.
  • You can locate Quote Center from your Dashboard in two places:
    • From Quick Tools on the right by clicking Start a Quote.
      Click Start a Quote under Quick Tools.
    • Under the My Solutions tab on the left by clicking Quote Center.
      Click Quote Center under My Solutions on your Dashboard.

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Create a new quote

You can create a new quote in two ways:

  • Use a spreadsheet.
  • Use My Lists.
    Create a new quote using a spreadsheet or from My Lists.

Start a new quote from a spreadsheet

  • Click Use Spreadsheet and the Create Quote popup will appear.
  • Copy your spreadsheet and paste into the open field in the Create Quote popup.
  • There are two formats that spreadsheet data can be entered:
    • Quantity and model number separated by a comma.
      Copy and paste a list to create a quote.
    • Quantity and model number separated by a space.
      Separate your list by commas.
    • You can use either format, but the same format must be used for each quote.
  • Once your quote info has been entered, click Create Quote. This will take you to the New Quote page.

Start a new quote from My Lists

  • From the Quote Center page, click Use My Lists under Create a New Quote. The Create Quote popup will appear.
  • Select a list from the My Lists dropdown.
  • Click Create Quote.
    • The products from the list you select will be added to the quote.
    • The New Quote page will appear, where you can edit quote details.

Enter quote details on the New Quote page


Enter new quote information.

  • Use the fields in the New Quote page to ensure quote accuracy.
    • Change the job account on which you are requesting the quote if you have multiple job accounts within your organization.
      • Click “change"" under Selected Job to pull up your Job Board, then toggle accounts.
      • Visit the Job Board tutorial page for full instructions on how to toggle accounts within the Job Board.
    • Enter a Job Name (required).
    • Enter a PO number (required).
    • Enter notes about the quote. This allows you to communicate information about the quote to your salesperson.
    • Adjust order quantities.
    • Remove items from your quote.
  • Click Request Quote once you have entered all of your quote information.
    • The quote will automatically send to your Ferguson salesperson for processing.
    • The quote will appear on the Quote Center page with the status listed as “pending.”
      • Price information will not display until your salesperson processes your quote.
    • Once your quote has been processed, the quote status will change to “ready to view.”
      • You will receive a notification in your Message Center once the quote has been processed.
      • Price information will display at this time.


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Find an existing quote

From the Quote Center page, you can search for existing quotes..

  • Search for a quote.
    • There are four filters for searching for a quote:
      • Quote # - The exact number of the existing quote.
      • Job Name - The job under which the quote was placed.
      • PO # - The PO number assigned to the quote.
      • Created By - The associate who entered the quote.
        • You can see quotes from any user in your organization who has access to the same job accounts as you.
          Use the search drop down to find existing quote details.
    • Click the search icon next to the open search field or click enter on your keyboard to search for the quote.
  • Use the filters above the list of quotes to further refine your search results if you do not know the exact quote number.
    Use the filters to narrow your quote search results.
  • Once you have found your quote, click on that quote to view complete quote details.
    • From the quote details, you will have the option to turn the quote into an order and check out.
  • Quotes that have expired will not be searchable and will no longer be displayed on the website.

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Upgraded from Ferguson Online?

Customers whose Ferguson Online account was upgraded to can benefit from the Quote Center. This newly-added site feature makes it easy to request new quotes and view the status of existing quotes all in one place. Now you can get the quote information you need in a few clicks by navigating to the Quote Center from your Dashboard. If you have questions about how to use this tool, we’re here to help. Call us at 800-721-2590 or email