How to Use Company Settings

  • Overview
  • Locating Company Settings
  • Add New Employees
  • Edit Current Employees
  • New Job Views


The Company Settings feature makes it easy to align user permissions on based on your company’s structure. Within Company Settings, users who are designated as Company Administrators can select user roles of individual associates in their organization in order to determine what site features are available to each user. The Company Settings feature is only available to users who are set up as Company Administrators.

All users automatically receive basic account features. These include the ability to see the product catalog, product specification documents, product availability, pricing, orders, quotes and My Lists. Additional features are available based on the role selected. Company Administrators can add new employees, select user roles, edit job views and set up new accounts in order to manage account activity. Admins can also assign and edit employees to main or job accounts that are viewable online.

There are several Company Settings benefits, which include:

  • The ability to manage company information and user privileges in one place.
  • Employees can be added to a new job in mass quantities, so company administrators don’t have to add job views to employees individually.

There are four features within Company Settings:

  • Add New Employee - Add a new employee to a account, determine what type of access the employee can have, and assign the employee to specific jobs.
  • Edit Current Employees - Edit employees’ information, roles and the jobs they can access.
  • Edit New Job Views - Edit employees’ access to new jobs all at one time to avoid adding employees to new jobs individually.
  • Ferguson PRO Plus™ – Provides the name of the associate designated as the PRO Plus™ administrator for the company.

Locating Company Settings

Once you are logged in, hover over Account and click “Company Settings”.

You can also access Company Settings on the left navigation of your Dashboard. If you are not a Company Administrator, Company Settings will not be visible on the Account dropdown or Dashboard.

Add New Employees

Add New Employee allows Company Administrators to add a new employee to their account, determine what type of access the employee can have, and assign the employee to specific jobs.

To add a new employee, hover over the “Add New Employee” icon or click the “Add Employee” link.

Add your employee’s first name, last name, email address and phone number (optional).

Select the appropriate features package for the new employee. The package selected determines what the employee has access to within

  • All users added will receive basic features such as access to the complete product catalog with specification documents, product availability and professional pricing. Other default settings include the ability to view company orders and quotes, proof of delivery and My Lists. Adding additional packages to each user will allow them to access more features.
  • To add a new package for a new user, simply click “Select” underneath the package desired. Once you’ve selected the package, the package you’ve chosen will be highlighted.

If you’re unsure which package to add, you have the option to compare packages by clicking “Compare All Roles” which illustrates the difference between the roles available. This can help Company Administrators to determine how to assign an employee’s level of account access.

Important Note – When a Company Administrator grants another employee account access:

  • The ADMIN role will receive access to all accounts. When an employee is assigned as an ADMIN, they have unrestricted access to the site. There is no way to restrict the accounts the customer has access to with this role.
  • If the COMBO role is used, you can select which accounts the employee has access to.

Select the job accounts the employee can view and place orders under.

  • You can also select accounts or jobs found in the Job Board that your new user can view. Select as many as you’d like your new employee to have access to by clicking on the checkbox next to the job’s name.
  • When you are done adding all of the new employee’s information, assigned role and job views, click “Save” to add the employee.

Edit Current Employees

Edit Current Employees allows you to see a list of your company’s employees registered to your account. From there, you can edit user information, edit access to Ferguson tools, edit job views and delete users who no longer need account access.

To edit an employee, hover over the “Edit Current Employees” icon or click the “Edit Employee” link.

Type the name of the employee whose information you’d like to edit or select his or her name from the list.

  • When you select a name, new content will appear on the page that will allow you to edit the employee’s information.
  • Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to save all your changes.

Edit employee user role

  • Select the employee’s name you wish to update.
  • Select the features package that includes the features you want your employee to have access to.
  • Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to save all your changes.

Edit employee jobs

  • Select the employee’s name that you wish to update.
  • Select the accounts or jobs that the employee will have access to by clicking on the checkbox next to the job’s name.
  • Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to save all your changes.

Delete Employee

You may also choose to remove an employee from your company's account.

  • Search for the employee you want to delete by either typing their name or clicking on the name of the employee on the list. Select a name for the employee’s information to appear on the page.
  • Click the “Delete Employee “on the right side of the page.

When you click “Delete Employee”, a pop-up window will appear to let you know that you are about to permanently delete a user from your company. This will allow you to choose “Delete Employee” or “Cancel”.

New Job Views

New Job Views allows you to add new accounts or job views for your employees. You can easily add these views to multiple employees using this feature. If a new job is added to the account, then it will appear for 30 days in New Job Views. The New Job Views feature helps to save time by allowing you to dd employees in large quantities so you don’t have to add the job to employees individually within the Edit Current Employees section.

To edit new job views, hover over the “Edit New Job Views” icon or click the “Edit New Job Views” link.

  • To add new job views, select the jobs you wish to assign under the “Select Views” column.
  • Click the checkbox next to the job’s name.
  • Next, under the “Select Employees” column, select “All”, or click the checkbox next to the names of individual employees who you wish to assign the job.
  • Click “Save” to assign the selected jobs to the selected employees.