Jobsite Services

HDPE, PP-R and NUPI PP-RCT Pipe Fusion

With over 40 years of experience in polyethylene pipe fusion, Ferguson is an industry leader in comprehensive fusion solutions for HDPE, PP-R and NUPI PP-RCT pipe. From on-site fusion services to customized fabricated pipe systems, our highly trained associates are dedicated to helping you finish your projects safely and efficiently. Discover our pipe fusion services and see how you will benefit by partnering with us on your next project.

Your pipe fusion experts

Our team of coast-to-coast pipe experts provides a full line of comprehensive services, acting as a seamless extension of your existing team. Let us compare costs, provide quotes, plan and design your project and even provide the proper piping for the project. When you take advantage of our virtual design and construction services, you’ll receive a digital 3D view of your piping and building systems so you can visualize the final results while protecting your bottom line.

This complete line of PP-R, NUPI PP-RCT and HDPE pipe fusion services includes scanning, modeling and detailing, pipe fabrication, diagnostics and project management.

HDPE pipe services

Popular for both gas and fluid transfer, HDPE piping is a thermoplastic piping that’s often used to replace old, outdated steel mains. It is both durable and impermeable, making it a great choice for a variety of applications. We provide customized HDPE pipe fusion services.

PP-R pipe services

PP-R pipe has become a staple in modern conveyance systems because it’s much lighter than metal piping and more durable than thermoplastic piping. This tubing offers joints that can be heat-fused for use in high-pressure situations. This heat-fusion welding makes the PP-R pipe joints every bit as strong as the pipe itself.

NUPI PP-RCT pipe services

PP-RCT piping is very similar to PP-R piping in that both provide a lightweight solution for both commercial and industrial applications. The differences between the two lie in their pressure and temperature applications, respective fitting availabilities and insulation. NUPI PP-RCT piping arrives pre-insulated and comes in both coils and straight lengths for versatility.

Jobsite pipe fusion

In select locations, our in-house team of experienced fabrication technicians can perform pipe fusion for you on your jobsite. Our field technicians have the most up-to-date fusion training credentials on HDPE, PP-R and NUPI PP-RCT pipe services. References and qualifications can be provided upon request. We also offer data logging for all welds to document fusion quality.

Our field technicians provide a range of fusion services, including:

  • Butt fusion

  • Extrusion welding

  • Socket fusion

  • Dual containment

  • Sidewall fusion

  • Electrofusion

  • PP-R and NUPI PP-RCT fusion

Take advantage of our pipe fusion services.

Pipe fabrication facilities

A Ferguson associate examines pipe before bundling them with shrink wrap.

Our strategically located network of fabrication facilities offers high-quality customized polyethylene pipe systems. For PP-R and NUPI PP-RCT pipe up to 24" and HDPE pipe up to 65", we can draft and fuse a pipe system based on your required specifications. Our facilities are ISO certified and our skilled technicians are trained on the latest pipe fusion techniques. All of our pipe products are thoroughly QA/QC tested, so you can be assured that the finished pipe system we deliver will be 100% leak-free and built to your specifications. We can also provide CAD drawing support when requested.

Pipe fusion training

Two Ferguson Industrial associates instruct about types of pipe material for different purposes in a conference room.

Your crew can become qualified to perform pipe fusion on the job with expert assistance from Ferguson. Our factory-certified trainers offer on-site skill training and educational programs that focus on HDPE, PP-R and NUPI PP-RCT pipe fusion. We will keep your associates current with the latest fusion joining procedures. Make sure your crew has the knowledge to execute pipe fusion projects safely and securely.