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Tips to build a great HVAC contractor website


As an HVAC contractor, your company website is the most important asset you possess to turn prospective customers into your loyal customers. The website should convey credibility and professionalism, and invite the visitor to take action. No longer is it a “set it and forget it” job that can be farmed out to someone you know who is “good with computers.” HVAC website design is important.

What does your website need to have? Here are the five most important items:

  1. Mobile-friendly design.

    HVAC Website responsive design

    Take a look around. One might think everyone has their mobile device stapled to their hand. Don’t think so? If you are a residential HVAC contractor, you will find that more than 50% of your monthly website visits come from consumers using their mobile phones.

    “Making your website mobile-friendly can increase your company’s rankings on Google, resulting in more consumers finding your website, and increasing your site’s visit-to-lead conversion rate, resulting in more leads and sales,” said Ben Landers, the CEO of the digital marketing company Blue Corona.

    Having a mobile-friendly website is not solely about design. It is also about speed. Research has shown that if your website pages don’t load in three seconds or less, more than 50 percent of mobile users will abandon your site.

  2. Keep it real

    “Unless your last name is ‘stock,’ lose the stock family photos,” said Colleen Keyworth, director of sales and marketing for Online Access.

    People buy from people they know. In today’s world, this is not that hard to accomplish. It can be a simple cell phone picture of you working in the office or out in the field. Keyworth cited a recent study of the plumbing industry in which people reviewed sites that had genuine photos of a business owner, a generic product shot, or no picture. The majority of people said they would choose the company with the owner pictured.

    “They felt it conveyed that the owner was proud of the work the company does,” Keyworth said.

  3. Simplified navigation.

    The best HVAC website design has clearly listed services. Landers equates it to calling your cable company and being given five different options to press a number to speak with a representative - yet no option works for what you need.

    “When consumers land on an HVAC contractor’s website, they’re looking for a specific product or service related to their needs. A website’s navigation should help users easily browse from one page to the next to find the specific information,” Landers said.

    Likewise, a customer should immediately be able to identify all the services your company offers upon entering the site.

    “You would be surprised, but it’s shocking how many websites we stumble across that we have to scroll down to the bottom or dig through the menu to figure out that they offer,” Keyworth said.

    Pro tip: In addition to creating your website, claiming your business’s Google listing can give you more visibility on search results pages. See how to claim your business.

  4. Call to action.

    Different kinds of calls to action

    All websites for HVAC contractors should have a call to action that includes either a form to schedule service or a click to call button.

    “Consumers are making a decision about your company quickly. You must make it easy for them to communicate with you,” said Will Merritt, a managing partner for Effective Media Solutions.

    Merritt also recommended a website chat function.

    “A chat function on your site is a great way to interact with existing customers or ones that are considering you. In today’s world, many people are busy and prefer this method of communication during a busy workday. Also, it is a great tool for after hours. If a homeowner has a quick question, or they want to know how quickly you can service their system; it is a great way to communicate and secure new business,” Merritt said.

  5. Trust builders.

    HVAC companies spend thousands of dollars each month to drive more traffic to their websites through the likes of SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), Local Services ads and social media. But they often forget (or neglect) to take a step back, put themselves in the minds of a consumer, and do what it takes to make a great first impression. This includes trust builders like customer testimonials, industry certifications, company profile videos, technician bios, among other items. This can help establish trust with website visitors and showcase the contractor’s expertise.

    Pro tip: Online reviews can also make it easier for customers to find your business in an online search. Learn why.

    Put simply, trust builders let the consumer know that they should expect the same quality of service other customers received, bring the contractor’s brand to life, and reassure the consumer that the contractor is a legitimate company who will provide superior service than their competitors. Start with customer reviews and go from there.

Creating a website for your HVAC business is an important part of establishing your online presence. And in the digital age, that’s where potential customers will go to find your services. Discover how to pick the best social media platform to promote your business, learn about advertising on Google, and find other ways to market your business online by exploring Business Insider.