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Top 6 trends in kitchen and bath faucet technology for 2017

Scott Watts, a Ferguson author

by Scott Watts


Staying ahead of industry trends can help trade professionals boost their businesses. Plumbers, builders and remodelers in the pro trade industry can increase their perceived credibility in the eyes of the customer by introducing them to the latest faucet technology for the kitchen and bath. Whether you’re working on a residential bathroom remodel or need faucets for a cutting-edge commercial kitchen, implementing a technologically-advanced faucet will help you exceed customer demands. Discover the kitchen and bathroom faucet technology trends for 2017 and see how these advancements will help you grow your pro trade business.

  1. Kitchen faucets that deliver filtered water on demand.

    Imagine telling your customers that they can pour a glass of water that is safer to drink and tastes delicious every time. Three plumbing brands have made that a reality with faucets that feature water filtration technology in their functionality. KOHLER offers the Carafe® kitchen faucet, which features a built-in water filtration system. The Grohe Blue® faucet incorporates a chilling system, carbonation and water filtration to give users the option to pour a glass of crisp, chilled fizzy water whenever they want. Pfister offers two faucet models with Xtract™ technology, which increases water safety by removing chlorine, lead, pesticides, mercury and select pharmaceuticals from the water.

    Contact your local Ferguson for more information about faucets that filter water.

  2. A shower head that changes function with a simple touch.

    You can help your customers enhance the way they shower with an advancement that will soon be available on the market from American Standard. Instead of manually adjusting their shower head, users will be able to change the shower head spray pattern by simply touching the shower head or via a wireless remote button. This will make it easier for your customers to adjust their shower to their personal preference, and will be especially helpful for those with limited height or mobility. Adding this functionality to your customers’ bathrooms will give them a customizable showering experience, and they’ll have you to thank. Check for this product with your local Ferguson this coming fall.

    Connect with your local Ferguson for the latest information about plumbing advancements.

  3. A kitchen faucet that turns on with your feet.

    Much like car doors that can be opened with the tap of a foot, Grohe has introduced a foot-activated kitchen faucet that is conveniently turned on and off by tapping a sensor mounted at the base of the counter. This faucet is the answer to busy moments in the kitchen where people find their hands full and messy. Because of the hands-free activation, you can offer this technology as a way to improve the overall cleanliness and sanitation of your customers’ kitchens.

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  4. A shower system that you control through Wi-Fi.

    Sell your customers on the idea that you can bring their showering experience into the digital age with a Wi-Fi enabled showering system. Available at your local Ferguson, the new U by Moen promises to deliver the perfect shower based on customizable settings that users control through their smartphone. Your customers can choose their shower temperature and have it warmed up and ready before they step in all through the U by Moen app. Offering this technology will help your business because you can market yourself as a smart home automation plumbing expert.

    Get more information about the U by Moen from your local Ferguson or shop our online offering of Moen products.

  5. A faucet that will keep kitchens splatter-free.

    You can give your customers a cleaner kitchen with a faucet that incorporates the futuristic ShieldSpray™ Technology from Delta Faucet. The stream is a unique elliptical shape that the manufacturer describes as working like a shield to prevent splatter. You can provide your customers with the benefit that their kitchen counters, and their clothes, will stay clean and dry no matter the size or shape of any dish they wash.

    Contact your local Ferguson to get this technology, or browse our online offering of plumbing supplies from Delta Faucet.

  6. Kitchen faucets that sense when they’re needed.

    Impress your customers by giving them the ability to turn on their kitchen faucet simple by holding your hand near it. While this might seem like magic, several quality faucet brands have made this a reality. American Standard, KOHLER, Moen and Pfister have developed several pull down kitchen faucets that incorporate this technology. Hand-free faucets will give you the advantage of increasing the level of sanitation in your customers’ kitchens.

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Scott Watts, a Ferguson author
Scott Watts

With over 24 years of experience in the plumbing supply industry, Scott Watts leverages his extensive product knowledge to help trade professionals make the best purchase decisions to grow their businesses.