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Top 7 tool gift ideas for contractors this holiday season

Heather Mahr, a Ferguson author

by Heather Mahr


Surprise the contractors on your team by replacing or upgrading their tools with new equipment from Ferguson. Because a contractor’s tools get plenty of wear and tear on the job throughout the year, a new tool or set of tools is a useful gift that is sure to please. Tools are a smart gift option because they make equally good stocking stuffers as they do bigger gifts under the tree. Use this gift guide to help you pick the top tools that any contractor would want to unwrap this holiday season.

1. Hole Saws

Whether plumbing, HVAC, electrical or another skilled trade job, there are numerous reasons why a contractor would need to bore a hole through building material. Choose a hole saw with a higher life rating to ensure it lasts throughout year with minimal need for resharpening.
Pro tip: Make sure to have an extra drain snake on hand to meet the demand and clear sink drains that are stopped up from turkey grease and other Thanksgiving foods.

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2. Pliers

Upgrade your contractor’s old pliers with a set of new ones to ensure a tight grip. Look for pliers with insulated rubber handles to help the contractor keep a firm hold when working around greasy or damp equipment.
Pro tip: Rubber insulated pliers can also help prevent accidental contact with electrically charged components.

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3. Flashlights

From crawling beneath dark buildings to working in dimly-lit overhead areas, a flashlight often comes in handy on the job. Flashlights come with a variety of features that are useful for contractors, such as the extendable magnetic flashlight that can pick up small parts that fall in hard-to-reach spaces.

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4. Tool Storage

With all of the new tools that you’re buying the contractor on your gift list, they’ll need somewhere to keep them all. Get them a new toolbox to organize their tools, or a tool belt for quick access to the tools they need on the job.

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5. Shop Vacuums

It’s said that a clear workspace makes for a clear mind. Help the contractor on your gift list keep their workspace, and their thoughts, clutter-free with a new shop vacuum. Choose a wet/dry vacuum to make light work of cleaning practically every type of jobsite mess.

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6. Extension Cords

If there’s one piece of equipment that contractors can’t have too many of, it’s an extension cord. Buy them one to keep in their shop and one for their work van or wherever they store their power tools.

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7. Tool sets

Opt for a tool set that comes with a variety of tools and accessories, like sockets and drill bits, in a wide range of sizes. The tradesperson who receives it will appreciate the fact that their new tool set can adapt to virtually any job.

Bonus tip: Tool sets makes for hassle-free gift wrapping because of the convenient portable cases they come in.

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Heather Mahr, a Ferguson author

Heather Mahr

As a writer, Heather is dedicated to providing readers with valuable information. She is passionate about helping people find the answers they need to make their life easier with her words.