How to Use Quick Tools

  • Quick Tools Overview
  • Locating Quick Tools
  • Find an Order
  • Quick Order
  • Flip Quote to Order
  • Start a Quote

Quick Tools Overview

The Quick Tools feature is a shortcut that makes it easy for trade professionals to quickly access other popular site features - Find an Order, Quick Order, Flip Quote to Order (Re-order) and Start a Quote – all from one place on the Dashboard. Quick Tools is only available for users who have the ability to place orders.

There are several benefits of using Quick Tools:

  • Locate and place orders faster and easier.
  • Create orders quickly by copying and pasting Ferguson products from any spreadsheet directly into the Quick Order field.
  • Review an order once the product list has been successfully added to the cart.
  • Restock inventory faster by simply entering an order or quote number, reviewing the cart and placing the order.

Locating Quick Tools

Once you are logged in to, hover over “Account” and click “Dashboard.”

Quick Tools is located on the right side of your Dashboard.

There are up to four features under Quick Tools:

  • Find an Order/Quote
  • Quick Order
  • Flip Quote to Order
  • Start a Quote

Find an Order

Find an Order allows users to search and view online and offline orders or quotes. Orders that have been deleted or are older than 12 months as well as expired quotes cannot be searched. The “Advanced Search” option directs you to My Orders or Quote Center.

Click “Find an Order” to expand the feature. If you know the order or quote number, enter it into the open box and click “Go.” This retrieves the order or quote that was searched.

If you don’t know the order or quote number, click “Advanced Search.” This will take you to the Orders page, where you can find an order by Order #, Credit #, Job Name, Ordered By, PO # or FEI PO #. You can also use filters on the Orders page to find Orders by Job, Status and Time.

To close this feature, click “Find an Order” again.

For more detailed instructions on how to use the Orders feature, view the Orders tutorial.

Quick Order

Quick Order allows users to enter item numbers and order quantities into the open field and adds them directly to the cart for fast checkout. Quick Order is an easy way to create an order because it utilizes a copy/paste feature, or you can simply enter quantities and product codes directly into the text box using the two acceptable formats.

Click “Quick Order” to expand the feature.

Products and quantities can be keyed in manually or copy/pasted from a spreadsheet. Whether keyed in manually or copy/pasted, the information must be entered with the order quantity and product code separated by either a comma or tab.

Formatting examples:

  1. Quantity [space] Product code
  2. Quantity, Product Code

The entire list of products must be entered in the same format for the list to be successfully added to the cart.

Once your list is entered in either format shown, click “Add To Cart.” This will take you to review the items in your cart.

If an invalid product code is entered, a message will appear once the products are in the shopping cart. There is an option to copy those products and paste them into the notes section of the order if necessary.

To close this feature, click “Quick Order” again.

Flip Quote to Order

Flip Quote to Order is an easy way to reorder an entire order or quote. It allows users to place restock orders for items that were previously entered on an existing order or quote and land on the review order page.

Users must know the exact order or quote number to use Flip Quote to Order.

Click “Flip Quote To Order” to expand the feature. Enter the order or quote number in the open field and click “Review Order” to go to the order review page where the user can adjust products and quantities and then Checkout.

To close this feature, click “Flip Quote To Order” again.

Start a Quote

The Start a Quote feature allows users to submit quotes for pricing directly to their Ferguson salesperson.

Click “Start a Quote” to expand the feature.

Click “Start Quote” to go to the Quote Center. From the Quote Center you can “Create New Quote”.

For full details on how to use the Quote Center, view the Quote Center tutorial.