Meter & Automation Group

Find comprehensive automated water metering solutions from Ferguson’s in-house team of metering experts known as the Meter and Automation Group (MAG). Our highly trained MAG team stays up to date on the latest metering technology from top brands, helping you increase meter reading accuracy, associate safety and water conservation. Contact us for more information and to see how MAG can help you.

Advanced metering infrastructure solutions

Our strong relationships with key vendors allow us to offer you access to an extensive range of advanced metering infrastructure, or AMI, products and solutions. Our MAG team will clearly identify the specific needs of your municipality and will help you select the right AMI technology based on your requirements.

Automatic meter reading solutions

If your utility is interested in automatic meter reading technology, or AMR, our MAG team can customize a solution to help you improve your utility’s operations. We offer comprehensive AMR products and solutions to deliver you the convenience of drive-by meter reading. See how your utility can benefit through an AMR system and learn more about our capabilities.

Metering system design and installation

In addition to guiding you through your selection of meter system products from top brands, our MAG team members will also provide you with support throughout the installation process. We will help you strategically design your utility’s metering system to ensure the most accurate readings of meter data. Through proprietary technology, our MAG team can help you:
  • Save time spent on installing new meters
  • Ensure that meters are installed properly in the correct locations
  • Increase revenue by providing an accurate meter reading
Learn more about the meter systems we offer by state and see how we are your source for expert meter system installation support.

Meter maintenance and leak detection

MAG offers continuous metering support after purchase and installation. They can keep your meters in working condition through a customized meter maintenance program. By ensuring proper meter functionality, you can easily spot water use anomalies and pinpoint suspected leak locations. Early leak detection means leaks are fixed faster, which leads to increased revenue and water conservation.
Connect with Ferguson Waterworks and let MAG work for you to implement a new metering system for your municipality.


As the premier supplier of waterworks products, we are your trusted source for automated metering equipment from leading vendors.

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